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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Lincoln Club of Fresno County Supports Proposition 28

I guess we’ve shocked the world or something, but it is true, the Lincoln Club of Fresno County has endorsed a yes position on Proposition 28.  The reasons are simple.  First, we are all about results and measurement of the aftermath of laws.  California, in every way, is worse off today than before we had term limits.  Every single metric.  Now, we know that this is not solely because of term limits, but we firmly believe that we are simply turning over dimwit Democrat elected officials with more and even bigger dimwit elected officials under the current system.   Why should we care whether their dimwits are there for six or twelve years?  Second, we believe the California Republican Party must change its purpose.  It is no longer, under its current structure, as relevent as it needs to be.  This is in part due to its dependence on legislative leaders for fundraising and direction.  The rapid turnover of GOP legislators does not allow for any continuity in Party operations and fundraising – or purpose.  Third, we are hoping that an aggressive set of newly elected GOP legislators will consider a wholesale revision of the CRP’s operations, from wasting tens of millions on unwinnable legislative and statewide elections toward issue driven campaigns with direct ballot questions, all through organizations that could be funded by the Party but not directly related to the Party.

There is not, we believe, a realistic sense of the damage Arnold Schwarzenegger did to the GOP brand while he was Governor.  Californians took the extraordinary step of giving our side a chance to govern and Arnold made a gigantic mess of things, while leaving office with very low, and well deserved, approval ratings.  His performance in office destroyed any chance of our Statewide candidates winning in 2010, and outside of a few pathetic newspapers giving voice to his psychotic ideas of what the State GOP should be doing now, he should slip into oblivion as quickly as possible.

For the time being, we need elected officials who can stay in office long enough to effectively battle the leftist Democrat majority, all while reworking the purpose of the State GOP into an issue oriented machine.  In our opinion, our candidates need more than six years to do this job.  We therefore support Proposition 28.  California could not possibly be worse off than it is now if this initiative passes.

One Response to “Lincoln Club of Fresno County Supports Proposition 28”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Are Doctor Demento, Magoo and Aunt Harriet’s crazy Uncle Morty in the room????