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Barry Jantz

The Great Rostra/FlashReport San Diego Primary Election Contest

It’s that time. Make your picks. Pick your seats. Will your picks be seated?

The rules:

  • Read the questions closely.  No tricks, just read the durn questions.
  • Send guesses to ONLY.  The Rostra peeps are assisting on this, so don’t send to my email.  Do NOT post your answers here (you know who you are).
  • Deadline to submit guesses: Election Day — Tuesday, June 5, 2012 — High Noon. No exceptions. That’s Pacific Time.
  • If you’re reading this on FlashReport and don’t follow San Diego politics, don’t complain.  Just DON’T ANSWER.  See the title of a Milton Friedman book.
  • I can’t ask about every race.  Some of them don’t get interesting until the General.  Deal.
  • In the case of any close races (see Juan Vargas-Mary Salas 2010), the contest winner may not be determined until the chad are counted, the cows make it home, and/or any litigation follows its course. Yes, the plural of chad is chad.

The Questions:

1. San Diego City Council District 5 — NAME the winner.  This is a gimme.  You miss this one, the rest of your answers don’t count; I’ll toss ‘em.  Seriously.

2. San Diego City Council District 1 — Will this race be decided in the primary?  YES or NO.

3. San Diego City Council District 7 — NAME the TOP finisher, Mat Kostrinsky or Scott Sherman (yes, there are other candidates in the race; the question still stands).

4. San Diego Mayor — NAME the TOP TWO vote getters.  Order doesn’t matter, but you must have BOTH names for this one to count.  If you don’t know the contestants, Google it.  Yes, Google is a verb.

5. Congress, District 52 — Among Brian Bilbray, Scott Peters and Lori Saldana (ok, fine, as well as John Stahl and a few others), who will be the NUMBER TWO finisher?

6. State Assembly, District 76 — Rocky Chavez, Farrah Douglas, Sherry Hodges. NAME the TOP TWO vote getters. Order doesn’t matter.

7. State Assembly, District 79 — NAME the TOP finisher between the DEMOCRATS in the race, Rudy Ramirez, Sid Voorakkara, Pat Washington and Shirley Weber. (Regardless of where Republican Mary England finishes.)

8. City of San Diego — Regardless of whether they pass or fail, WHICH will garner the HIGHEST percentage YES vote, Prop A or B? (No need to guess percentages, just indicate which measure does best.)

9.  State Senate, District 39 — WHICH candidate will get MORE votes, Marty Block or George Plescia?

10. Congress, District 51 — WHICH candidate will get MORE votes, Juan Vargas or Denise Moreno Ducheny?

Tie-Breaker A (only if needed).  County Supervisor, District 3 — Steve Danon, Carl Hilliard, Dave Roberts. LIST these THREE candidates in ORDER of finish. (Yes, there are others in the race.  Name THESE in order, relative to each other.)

Tie-Breaker B (only if still needed).  San Diego Mayor — Pick the exact DIFFERENCE in PERCENTAGE of the vote between Carl DeMaio and Nathan Fletcher.  Order of finish doesn’t matter.  Individual percentages don’t either.  The DIFFERENCE between the two is what is being asked.

That’s it.  Ten questions; a dead heat in the number of correct answers results in a tie breaking question; another tie breaker if still needed.

Re-read the rules above if it helps.  Find the list of candidates here.

The winner gets a meal on me, at an Albondigas luncheon, as well as bragging rights.

Have at it.