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Tony Manolatos

Meet New Carl and New Bob

San Diego Politics & Media Mashup

Republican Carl DeMaio has hired a Democrat and Democrat Bob Filner is on board with pension reform.

Who spiked the water in San Diego?

Relax. There’s no need to panic. The water is clean…I mean drinkable. So why are we seeing New Carl and New Bob popping up in stories?

Here’s the thing — election season is nearly in full swing and DeMaio and Filner, the two men running to become San Diego’s next mayor, have to figure out how to appeal to the middle in order to come out on top in November. In San Diego, 40 percent of registered voters are Democrats and 28 percent are registered Republican.

Math is leading both candidates to stray from their core philosophies and make decisions they never would have made leading up to the JuneRead More

Katy Grimes

100 years of Capitalism and Freedom

I am honored to be a new contributor to the FR blog. My CalWatchdognew stories and columns appear in the FlashReport, and now I will be a blogger as well. Sometimes I will cross post with CalWatchdog, and sometimes the posts will be exclusive to the FR blog – Katy Grimes, 7/31/2012

As free marketeers celebrate famed Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman’s 100 birthday today, revisiting Friedman’s 1979 interview with Phil Donahue, where Friedman schooled Donahue, a 1970′s liberal television talk show host, on capitalism. This is an important reminder of why we fight for the free market.

Friedman, born July 31, 1912, and died November 16, 2006, easily dispelled the common liberal… Read More

Richard Rider

Rider submission on tax props to CA State Senate hearing

Because I’m one of the signers of a CA ballot book argument against Prop 38 (the “Munger” income tax prop), I’ve been asked by a Democrat State Senator to submit input to a State Senate hearing this week on the matter. Having testified at such legislative hearings before, I’m painfully aware that such “hearings” are carefully orchestrated political circuses where everyone knows the outcome before the hearing is even called to order.

My submission may or may not even be included in the pile of papers passed around. But submit I did. I’ve decide that my workup should not be wasted by sending it just to the legislature, so I’m also sending it out to the press, plus posting it here and on other blogs.

If my Kabuki dance prediction is correct, the State Senate will lean towards the “Brown” tax prop — Prop 30 — under the simple premise that it has a better chance of passing. Their distant second choice is Prop 38.

Here’s my letter. The fonts are screwed up, thanks to “copy and paste” glitches, but the content seems to be intact and… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Four Taxing Questions — All Bad News For Taxes On The November Ballot

For those of us who think it would be terrible public policy for the voters of California to raise taxes this November, Sacramento Democrats continue to be the “gift that keeps on giving” in terms of actions that will cause the already skeptical electorate to have more reasons not to want to send any more of their tax dollars to Sacramento.

A very quick recap — just in the last week and a half we had:

The approval of billions of dollars of indebtedness on an incredibly unpopular high speed rail boondoggle. The discovery that the better part of a thousand legislative staff members have been getting raises while state employees are taking furloughs. The revelation that despite the audit functions of the Democrat Controller and the Democrat Legislature, the Parks Agency within Democrat Jerry Browns Administration had squirreled away north of $50 million dollars, that were totally off the grid.

Now to add to all of that, news headlines are now spotlighting a legislative effort, spearheaded by senior Democrat Senator… Read More

Jon Coupal

HJTA Launches New Radio Ad Campaign: Sacramento Politicians Choose Bullet Train Pet Project over Education & Public Safety

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today that we launched a new blitz of radio ads to educate voters about the nearly $100-billion bullet train project.In the new spot, you can hear me alerting taxpayers, “Sacramento politicians have turned their backs on Education and Public Safety and voted to waste billions on the largest boondoggle in American history.”

The spot goes on to highlight the scare tactics politicians are using to force tax increases on the working people of California. While Sacramento special interest groups are pushing for more taxes, frivolous spending, and political cronyism, lawmakers are ignoring desperately needed reforms in education, pensions and government spending.

HJTA asks listeners to stand with thousands of fellow Californians by going to and signing a petition to the Governor and Legislature demanding reforms, not higherRead More

Jon Fleischman

Remember: The End Of Redevelopment Agencies Is A Good Thing

Redistricting Agencies in California are dead. For some time there will continue to be some stories about the death-throes, since unwinding these agencies is a complex process.

That having been said, I just wanted to remind FlashReport readers that the end of the redevelopment era in California is a good thing, and we should all be very happy about it.

You see in a great many cases, Redevelopment Agencies had been primary violators of the private property rights of Americans. Using the government’s power of eminent domain, private property would be seized by many of these agencies not for widening a road, or laying down a railroad track, but because politicians preferred some other use for the land than that being carried out by the existing owner.

Redevelopment Agencies were also a magnet for crony capitalism. And by that I mean that local politicians would get into the practice of using redevelopment funds to benefit specific businesses and companies, who would then, in turn, help out the politicians. And when I say “helping out” — that came in various forms ranging from the “taking” of someone’s property… Read More

Jon Fleischman

*Breaking* HJTA PAC Endorses Paule and Hodges in Assembly Bids

The influential Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s PAC has endorsed the candidate of Phil Paule in the 67th Assembly District in Riverside County, and Sherry Hodges in the 76th Assembly District in San Diego County.

I spoke with HJTA President Jon Coupal who told me, “”We believe that now is a critical time to send strong taxpayer advocates to Sacramento, who will provide leadership in the legislature against raising taxes — we feel that in the 67th Assembly District that person is Phil Paule and in the 76th Assembly District it is Sherry Hodges. HJTA PAC is pleased to endorse them both.”

For a Republican candidate, the HTJA endorsement is the “gold standard” in terms of credibility with the voters. From survey’s that I have read, to Republican voters the HJTA name tests higher than the actual Republican Party. But it also does very well with Democrat voters, especially seniors.

These endorsements are politically interesting because in both of these Assembly Districts, which are “safe Republican” seats, no Democrats filed, and so the runoff races are between two Republicans. In the 67th… Read More

Jon Coupal

Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Prop. 13

The 2nd District Court of Appeal has agreed with attorneys representing the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association that a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 13 lacks merit.

Since his retirement, former UCLA Chancellor Charles Young has been busy filing lawsuits to try to overturn a critical taxpayer protection contained in Prop. 13: the two-thirds vote required of the Legislature to impose new taxes on Californians.

Young initially filed his case directly in the California Supreme Court, arguing that time was of the essence because California needed more revenue to balance its budget, but Prop. 13 stood as a barrier to new taxes. The Supreme Court rejected this ploy and instructed Young to refile in the Superior Court like everyone else, which he quickly did.

Although Young strategically named as defendants only officers of the Legislature who have no incentive to defend Prop. 13, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association intervened on behalf of California’s taxpayers, and argued to the court that the issue of Prop. 13’s constitutionality was settled law, for in a 1978 court case, Amador Valley Joint Union High School District… Read More

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