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Richard Rider

If one side is “anti-tax” — is not the other side “pro-tax”?

The commonly-heard term “anti-tax group” is interesting. If you oppose tax INCREASES, then you are labeled by the press as “anti-tax.”

Really? I doubt that almost any of the opponents of tax increases want to do away with taxes, but that’s the inference.

Okay, fair is fair.  What should we call the groups that always want to RAISE our taxes? “Pro-tax groups”? You’d think so.

Do these pro-tax groups want ALL our money going into taxes? I doubt few if any do.

Yet it makes as much sense to conclude that tax increase proponents want 100% taxes as it makes to accuse those opposing tax increases as wanting 0% taxes.
Funny, come to think of it, I don’t recall EVER hearing of a liberal media outlet referring to tax increase advocates as “pro-tax.”  But if one side is “anti-tax,” SURELY the other side is “pro-tax.”

Apparently not.