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Jon Fleischman

Election Night Coverage

So where to get election night results?

The election night guide from yours truly is pretty simple:

I will be on Twitter tonight – if you aren’t following me, I am at @flashreport.

For California results, there is no place to go more comprehensive than Scott Lay’s Around The Capitol Election Results Page.  On this page you can easily navigate to all of the info on California elections in real time — statewide initiatives and the hot House, State Senate and State Assembly races are at the top.  But you can easily get to any California partisan race.

For national elections results, you can follow it easily at the Politico results page.  If you are more wonky, Real Clear Politics isn’t as pretty but bristles with data.  Of course, I’m watching Fox News all night long for the most comprehensive coverage (I may flip to MSNBC if they call it for Romney just long enough to watch Chris Matthews claw all of the skin off of his face).

Finally, conservative radio talk show host (and FR friend) Tony Katz is hosting the Franklin Center’s live, all night long election coverage with great guests and updates from around the country.  Watch that on your computer here.

Onward to victory!