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Richard Rider

Average CA city employee compensation over $140,000/year!

Okay, my headline may not be the average for all California cities. But for the three cities that have been analyzed below, it IS true.

Yet if you believe our state’s highly respected (respected by the MSM, that is) elected Controller, Democrat John Chiang, you’d think many public employees are one paycheck away from going Dempsey Dumpster diving.  That fiction is ably rebutted in the article below.  As the cliché says, this is a must read piece.

Here’s a quick comparison between the “average wages” used by Chiang and the more honest “average total compensation” cost to taxpayers.


Anaheim: “average wages” = $53,927.

Anaheim: “average total compensation” = $146,551.


Costa Mesa: “average wages” = $71,379.

Costa Mesa: “average total compensation” = $146,863.


San Jose: “average wages” = $61,308.

San Jose: “average total compensation” = $149,907.


Be advised — this comparison significantly understates both the average wage AND average total compensation.  Chiang includes part-time workers in his average, and ignores “special pay” and overtime.  Plus the full taxpayer cost of the benefits is understated.

Read the whole article.  Then go take out your aggression on a punching bag.


Union Watch


California State Controller’s Employee Pay Tracker Grossly Understates Actual Compensation

by ED RING on NOVEMBER 14, 2012

. . .


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