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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

With New Year, Democrats Step Up For Critical Issue – Paid Holidays For State Workers

Democrat Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, West Covina, has just proposed a bill for State government workers to get yet another paid state holiday.  The new “Native American Day” replaces Columbus Day, formerly a holiday for state workers lost during recent budget cuts.

Said Hernandez “This legislation is inspired by the recognition that the so-called discovery of the America’s by Columbus eventually led to the genocide of Native Americans. This bill hence provides the proper respect and recognition to our Native American nations.”

The leftist majority in California just cannot stop solving the pressing problems this state has, can they?   Fresh off of celebrating the Passage of Proposition 30, giving us the highest sales and income tax rates in the nation, they are now addressing the CRITICAL issue of paid holidays for State workers.  I am so thankful for their vision and courage.  It is inspiring to know that the hard working men and women, busily delivering efficient and effective government, are going to get the additional rest they need for their efforts –  Man we live in a great State, don’t we?