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Jon Fleischman

CPAC 2013 – If You Aren’t There, Don’t Miss The Videos!

I attending my first Conservative Political Action Convention back in 1988.  I’ve attending many since, off and on, over the last quarter-century.  CPAC, as it is called, is the single largest conference where conservatives gather from all around the country.  The agenda is jam-packed with some pretty amazing speaker.  The strong majority of the speakers at this annual event, sponsored by the American Conservative Union, and held in the Washington, D.C., area — are very conservative.  There are, of course, a few stand-out not-so-conservative speakers (Donald Trump?) — but by and large there is an impressive lineup of speakers over three days.

If you are reading this, and not attending CPAC this year (like me), I want to draw your attention to the American Conservative Union’s CPAC 2013 You Tube channell.  CPAC does an outstanding job of getting the main speeches from the conference up on the web fairly quickly.  If you go to the main CPAC 2013 website, and click on the ‘program’ button, you can check out their impressive program for yourself.

I’ve actually arranged to be at my office a lot the next few days, where I can get work done while using my Apple TV to stream CPAC speaker videos on the television!  (I spent last weekend in Florida for the Club for Growth’s Winter Retreat – an amazing experience to be sure.  Alas, for FR readers, their conference is fully “off the record” so no interviews with the great conservative Senators and Congressmen that were there.  If you aren’t familiar with the Club, I encourage you to peruse their website.  Too tough, with little kids, to travel back east two weeks in a row!)