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Ron Nehring

Republicans Launch Ambitious Training Program for GOP Candidates, Staff, and Activists

Following the 2012 elections, many Republican were asking: what is the party going to differently in 2014 and beyond?  How can we improve our opportunities for victory?

Out of that discussion, it became clear that we need Republican candidates, staff and activists who are well trained in the most effective techniques in planning, organizing, and executing campaigns in California.  In such a competitive environment, our team needs every advantage to make the greatest use of every dollar a donor contributes, or a volunteer spends on a campaign.

Candidates must also learn how to maximize their effectiveness on the campaign trail, including raising money, public speaking and communications, and putting together a winning team.  Too many first time candidates don’t make it into office because they lacked the training and education to make the most of their efforts.

This is why we’ve launched a new Republican campaign and training program through the Project for California’s Future, a new initiative to identify, recruit, train, and educate Republican candidates and leaders in California.

The Project’s flagship program is a six month Campaign and Candidate Training Program that officially kicks off in San Diego on Saturday, July 13 and runs through the end of the year.  The program includes in-person seminars one Saturday each month, plus webinars and after-work programs focusing on key areas where Republicans must excel to win.  Thanks to the generous support of Republican donors, we have succeeded in keeping the tuition for this extensive program to just $350.

Although this first program will be held in San Diego, Republicans from anywhere in California are welcome to apply and participate in the program, which will cover every aspect of researching, planning, and waging a strong campaign for local or state office in California.

A program this extensive, for candidates at every level, has never been offered in California before.  It was specifically designed to help Republicans to overcome the challenging environment that exists in California, and succeed.

If you’re interested in running for office, helping someone else in their campaign, or just getting the skills needed to maximize your impact on the California political playing field, this program is for you.  Details and applications are now available online at