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Jon Fleischman

The Fall CRP Convention Is Over – Who Won? Who Lost? Input Time!

I always have to remind my readers the morning after a California Republican Party convention that the cutting-edge analysis of the weekend that you’ve come here to find won’t be here until tomorrow.  You see, especially with this event, I am not just trying to chronicle the festivities, but I am in-fact a participant in them.  As such I actually don’t write much during the convention (I tweeted a good amount at this one) — and I come home — spent.  In this case, I left convention for my son’s birthday party, and then off to Disneyland for eight hours.

Of course FlashReport analysis of a California Republican Party Convention wouldn’t be complete without our insightful regular feature — CRP Convention Winners and Losers.  As a participant over the weekend, I have some cool ideas for people to honor, one way or the other. But I am happy to report that these events are big enough an there are many things that happen when I am not around.

So…  Once again I am looking for nominations/suggestions of people at the convention who were winners and who were losers.  Don’t be shy!  You can comment here, or you can drop me an email: jon at flashreport dot org.  As always I will keep your name confidential if you email me.  There’s no time to waste — if you’ve got some ideas, please share them…