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Jon Fleischman

My “Holiday” Is Almost Over!

I didn’t really formally announce that I was doing so, but after nine years straight of output that typically was 8-10 columns a month and another 20-30 blog posts, I decided it was time for a break.  I decided I would take a month off (half of which overlapped a family vacation).  Of course we’ve had plenty of original content on the site, and between our editors, John Hrabe and Anton Hartmann, we’ve continued to bring you our news aggregation.

I did pen one column, on the race to succeed Bill Emmerson in the State Senate, because it had to be written in a timely manner.  It’s actually been harder than I thought to step back.  But I’ve forced myself to take this needed break.

I’ll be chilling for the rest of this week and then I will be back next week — renewed and ready to take on liberals, regardless of their political affiliation.

Happy Hannukah to all!