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California Trailblazers Helps Develop Strong, Smart Candidates

Like many candidates seeking the honor to serve in elected office, I feel passionately about giving back to the community where I grew up. I have enjoyed success as a local leader and would like to take that success to the state capitol. I am driven to bring change to Sacramento and am determined to bring commonsense back to the state legislature. There is a better way forward for California!

We have great opportunities to win competitive seats in the Senate and Assembly, and I want Republicans to know that candidates are sharpening their skills, learning all they can and working hard and smart to win next November.

Rudy Mendoza

One way I am becoming a better candidate is by participating in the California Trailblazers program. California Trailblazers is an unparalleled and well-resourced program that strives to recruit, train and elect the next generation of Republican leaders. The program is led by the most respected and accomplished leaders and strategists in Republican politics.

Over the weekend, I joined with legislative candidates from across California at a weekend policy summit in Sacramento. The training was just one of many Trailblazers has hosted, and I have participated in, throughout the year.

These training sessions are important because they provide candidates guidance as they build and develop their campaigns. Even for someone like me, who has significant political and campaign experience, I find the trainings and resources invaluable. I recognize there is always a way to become a better public servant and a better leader for California.

Nowhere else can candidates come together in one place and receive first-hand advice, real, practical help, from the best practitioners in Republican politics. The program enjoys the support of Republican elected officials, lobbyists, donors and strategists.

The recent training focused on policy and brought together experts to enrich candidates with knowledge about education, public safety, infrastructure, taxes and other critical issues.

Not only did we learn the depths of policy, we also learned how best to communicate complex policy issues with voters. As public servants elected by the people, we must talk to them, not at them. We cannot forget how to communicate policy in a manner that is relatable and easy for voters to understand. This is important because when it comes to the issues of less government, lower taxes and more government accountability, recent polling continues to show that Californians are on our side of the issues, regardless of party affiliation.

If we talk about the issues, connect with voters and work hard, we win.

I’m from the Central Valley, where voters understand the issues, and where every day I hear from constituents impacted by the failed policies of the Democrat majority in Sacramento. I’m running for the Assembly because we need to bring some commonsense back to Sacramento.

I am eager to continue learning and striving to be the best candidate and public servant possible. The people of the 26th Assembly District, and the people of California, deserve no less.

Rudy Mendoza is a candidate for the 26th Assembly District.