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Let me explain why I will vote for Tim Donnelly for Governor on June 3.

I’m not a paid campaign worker. I’m not a political consultant. I’m not a member of the Republican establishment. I am a constitutional, conservative volunteer and activist who cares about our communities, our state, our country and our children’s future.

Tim Donnelly, gubernatorial candidate of our great, and yet dysfunctional State of California, earned my vote by his actions and his beliefs.

California’s high unemployment rate worries me. Extreme environmental regulations, heavy taxes and fees that kill California jobs concerns me. Business and entertainment production companies can no longer afford filming in California, instead sending their jobs to other states, Canada or Europe. Almost every week we hear of businesses closing or moving companies and jobs to Arizona, Nevada or Texas because they cannot afford the cost of doing business in California. The lack of good public schools for our children concerns me.

Electing Assemblyman Tim Donnelly our next governor may not be an overnight solution. But Donnelly owned a business. Donnelly employed Californians. Donnelly lost a business so knows first-hand how California kills jobs and businesses. As a husband, father and taxpayer, Donnelly knows first-hand the challenge Californians face putting food on the table for their family. Donnelly will lower taxes. Donnelly will stop government waste and spending.

I support Tim Donnelly for many reasons. Donnelly is a solid fiscal conservative. Donnelly believes in the sanctity of human life from conception. Donnelly believes in the tradition of marriage between a man and a woman. Donnelly believes that our country was founded by immigrants who came to America to be Americans, to achieve the American dream, to be productive and follow our laws. I am one of those legal immigrants. Donnelly supports our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Donnelly is not backed by the Republican establishment, by liberals smitten by RINOs and their money, and perhaps the perks they get.

Tim Donnelly has not betrayed the Republican Party as his opponent Neel Kashkari has. After being appointed by a Republican President as a Senior Executive in the Dept. of the Treasury, Kashkari voted for Obama and then worked for Obama. Kashkari was instrumental for the huge taxpayer bailout to major banks and financial institutions. (TARP)

Some (establishment Republicans) claim Tim Donnelly is not electable. Excuse me? Why? They viciously mailed a misleading flyer that he is “not perfect” because he forgot to disclose a gun in his carry-on luggage, when boarding a plane. A mistake? Yes. Just recently we witnessed Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmnessi, who has been held in a Mexican prison since March of this year for having legal guns, packed in his possessions in his car and making a wrong turn into Mexico. Is he a “criminal”? No, it was a mistake he made a “forced” wrong turn.

I’m sure that those accusing Donnelly and endorsing his liberal opponent may have made some mistakes in their lives. That did not “disqualify” them. Nobody is perfect, not them, not me, not Donnelly.

Some claim that Tim Donnelly will hurt Republicans and our beliefs. The Party has been hurt by establishment Republicans. Remember their 2010 candidate for Governor? As far as setting us back 20 years? As I recall, we were electing and re-electing Republicans then. Ronald Reagan won traditional Democrat voters with his ability to connect on a cultural level, they called them “Reagan Democrats”. Respected Reagan biographer Craig Shirley says the opposite is true today with Obama Republicans in office and on our ballots!

Real Republican Women, Tea Parties members, conservative charter organizations, my neighbors, friends and family will join me voting for Tim Donnelly for Governor on June 3rd. Tim Donnelly is the real Republican nominee.

I pray the people of California will elect Tim Donnelly, a man with a proven voting record supporting Republican principles.