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Richard Rider

Residential water cost: San Diego 65% Higher than San Antonio

I’ve been harping on the high cost of electricity in California, a concern to us all — especially compared to other states — and ESPECIALLY compared to our hated rival Texas. But that’s not the ONLY utility comparison that should concern us.

By chance I came across a residential water rate calculator for San Antonio — the most drought-stricken town in a national field of 225 cities.  I recently wrote a piece about their remarkable water improvement projects vs. parched Los Angeles, so this all ties together!

I took my current July-August (1914) San Diego city water bill and ran my usage (237 gal/day for a 3 person detached abode — 46.9% lower than last year’s usage) and other variables through the San Antonio residential water bill calculator.

The results (including ALL fees and costs):

San Diego 2 month cost    — $197.91

San Antonio 2 month cost  — $119.94

BOTTOM LINE:  For the same amount of water, San Diego costs residents 65.0% more than San Antonio.

The fun never stops.