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Richard Rider

Unemployment rate in California still 2nd worst in nation

Is California “back,” as the liberal press and our governor so proudly proclaim? No. Not hardly. Especially if you’re looking for work — or for a better job.

In November, California was tied for the 2nd highest/worst state unemployment rate.  In December, we’ve got 2nd place all to ourselves at 7.0%.
The December national unemployment rate was 5.6%.  Only “Deliverance” Mississippi was worse. The national unemployment rate not including CA is 5.4%, making the CA unemployment rate 29.4% higher than the average of the other 49 states.    —   We were at 4.8% in Nov, 2006 – vs. national 4.6%
Using the 2014 U-6 measure of unemployment (includes involuntary part-time workers), CA is just behind Nevada at 15.2% vs. national 12.0%.  National U-6 not including CA is 11.6%, making CA’s U-6 31.4% higher than the average of the other 49 states.

Remember that in December, California — a state of over 38,800,000 people, — created only seven hundred NET new jobs in the entire state.  Pathetic.

Moreover the “Largest growth sector was 8,300 jobs in Leisure & Hospitality (average annual wage $23,950); largest decline sector was 12,300 jobs in construction (average annual wage $57,100).”

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