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Richard Rider

Here’s some monster new/higher taxes that California politicians are anxious to impose

Below is a pretty good summation of the major potential California tax increases now being proposed by Sacramento politicians.  Here’s a link to even more proposed CA state taxes.  And there’s a link below to “Californians AGAINST Higher Taxes” — seeking funds, of course.

While my grassroots taxpayer group San Diego Tax Fighters has joined their coalition opposing this potential avalanche of higher taxes, we take no position on this taxpayer group’s effort vs. other fine tax fighting outfits in our state.  This is not a fundraising pitch.

I DO recommend that you not spend much effort writing our politicians about this matter (as the pitch suggests) — their vote (EITHER way) is already pretty much locked in most of the time most of the time.  If you write any politico, write a Republican — they sometimes need spine strengthening.

A better option would be letters to the editor, which reach thousands — including the politicians.  But clearly we shouldn’t stand idly by while California progressives have their way with us.

The tax list below doesn’t include the likely multi-year extension of Prop 30, our massive “temporary” income tax increase which is scheduled to end in 2018. Also not included is a bill to raise the ceiling on imposing higher local sales taxes, encouraging local jurisdictions of do just that.

Sacramento politicians have proposed more than $132 billion in new and higher taxes in the Legislature so far this year. Here are just a few of the tax increases and what they’d cost taxpayers annually:

  • $122 billion for a new tax on services
  • $3.3 billion in a “hidden” tax on soda
  • $1.3 billion in increased tobacco taxes
  • $9 billion in increased property taxes on businesses
  • $1.2 billion in “hidden” taxes on fossil fuel use

Politicians are proposing billions in new taxes paid for by consumers and businesses, despite overflowing state coffers. They are trying to raise our taxes by billions of dollars, even when our state is seeing record revenues, has a budget surplus, is able to pay down our wall of debt, fund our rainy day savings account and was able to give $14 billion more to schools this year. The politicians don’t need more money, especially when we already have a budget surplus.

This is no time to raise taxes. We must tell the politicians “NO” to new and higher taxes.

We have enough money to pay all our bills and put money away in the rainy day fund.  Instead of raising taxes paid for by consumers and businesses, politicians should prioritize spending and live within the state’s means just like California families do.

Write your legislators today and tell them to “NO” on higher taxes!