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Richard Rider

CEO’s rank CA “The Worst State for Business” for 12th straight year

Sadly, here’s a NON-news story I run in May of every year.  For the 12th straight year, CEO Magazine ranks California as the worst state in which to do business.  Over 500 CEO’s are polled in the annual survey.  Every year, New York tries to challenge us for the bottom spot, but every year, they fail to dislodge us from our lowly perch.The best state?  Texas.  Again.Here are some CEO comments concerning California that the magazine highlighted:

CEO Comments

  • “California currently produces our highest unit costs of any state in the country for our high-end commercial construction output.”
  • “States like California just don’t get it. At the rate they are going, who’s going to pay the bills with such a anti-business, leftist government and businesses leaving every month for Arizona or Washington state?”
  • “California has been running businesses out of the state for years, and in fact, their policies are getting worse. Class action lawsuits abound, it’s a crazy environment for small businesses out there.”