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Richard Rider

In CA, a disabled parking permit is forever. REALLY. Forever!

An audit of California’s state disability parking permits reveals . . . and this doubtless will stun you . . . government incompetence. Not that anyone REALLY cares, of course.

Many people got their coveted disabled stickers improperly.  The acquisition process is slipshod at best.

But the best part is that 35,000 disabled people have died, yet their “disabled” placards are still out there.  Hard to imagine, but it’s likely that in many cases the “bereaved” have continued to use these wonderful permits –perhaps as a tribute to the deceased!

Not only are these permits good for the “blue” parking spaces, they also allow folks to park free at any parking meter, PLUS one no longer need worry about the amount if TIME in a metered space. Apparently disabled people are all POOR people.  Good to know.

Coincidentally my back pain has REALLY started to act up today.  Seems I need to find a “special” kind of doctor to properly diagnose my “disability.”  Given that this placard will serve my beneficiaries well, this new quest gives my remaining life purpose!