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Jon Fleischman

Republican Party County Chairmen Issue a Joint Statement on the Cap and Trade Debacle

The following is a press release from California Republican Party County Chairmen on the Cap and Trade Debacle.
Several Republican Party County Chairmen are disgusted with the betrayal by 8 Republicans in Sacramento. Republican State Assembly leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) and seven other Republican legislators have deeply angered grassroots activists across the state with their vote to join Democrats in extending the faulty cap-and-trade scheme.

“We campaign for you, we give you money, we make phone calls and walk precincts, and then what do we get in return? No wonder the GOP in California is lacking in enthusiasm and registrations. You take our goodwill and toss it overboard for your own careers and agendas,” stated County Republican Party Chairmen.

Governor Jerry Brown was aided by the Republicans in receiving the two-thirds majority he needs to shield the law’s extension from legal challenges and extend cap-and-trade to 2030. Ignoring the damage to jobs and the economy and with no proof of a positive environmental effect by cap-and-trade, the Republicans have stuck their thumb in the eye of county Republican Central Committees and conservatives across the state.

The chairmen are calling for Chad Mayes to step down as the Minority Leader.

“We need leadership that fights the progressive agenda, and doesn’t cave to pressure from the louder voices on the left.”

The chairmen united in thanking those Republican legislators in the California Assembly and Senate for leading the fight against cap-and-trade. Your strong voices in opposition will not be forgotten by us and other conservatives in California.

Fred Vanderhoof, Chairman Fresno County Republican Party

Brian Raymond, Chairman Merced County Republican Party

Gina Wallace, Chairman Madera County Republican Party

Randall Jordan, Chairman San Luis Obispo County Republican Party

Richard Westfall, Chairman Mariposa County Republican Party

Mariann Hedstrom, ChairmanTulare County Republican Party