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Richard Rider

CA has 5.6 TIMES the average % of welfare recipients found in the other 49 states

Here’s the latest annual U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report to Congress on TANF and SSP [welfare] recipients, using the latest figures from 2015:

U.S.******4,170,107 recipients

CA*******1,803,873 recipients   page 20

In other words, CA — with 12% of the nation’s population — has an appalling 43.3% of our nation’s needy that require taxpayer assistance. Last time I checked a few years ago, CA had not quite 1/3 of these welfare recipients. As far as I know, no CA press has reported this increase to 43+%.

THE STUNNING BOTTOM LINE: California has 5.6 TIMES the average percentage of welfare recipients found in the other 49 states.

Funny, it seems that governor Brown “forgot” to include this timely information in his California “State of the State” speech.

NOTE:  “Welfare recipients” is a bit vague as a term.  LOTS of people receive subsidies.  TANF and SSD — the figures cited here– are what we normally think of as welfare recipients — mostly families with minor children.  Other subsidies include — but are by no means limited to — food stamp (SNAP) and health care, major sectors of the subsidy programs government provides.