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Richard Rider

In 2018 the nation’s population grew 50% faster than California

Below are the top ten states in their PERCENT of population growth this past year.  Economics seems to play a major role in this growth.

The top five states are all “right to work” states — eight of the top ten.  Consider that 27 of the 50 states are right to work states.  One “top ten” fast growing state that is NOT a right to work state is Washington — but it has zero state income tax.   Only Colorado is growing without a strong economic advantage.  Must be that Rocky Mountain high.

Academics have correctly pointed out that the right to work law in itself may not be the driving force in a state’s growth.  But these researchers also point out that such states all have a more business friendly climate than do the non-right to work states. In other words, “right to work” is a good indicator that the state likes businesses.

California?  As a very anti-business state, the CA population grew 0.4%. The national average is 0.6% — 50% higher than California.

BTW, four of the BOTTOM five states are labor union-controlled states.  They have no right to work laws.

Oddly enough.

Top 10 States in Percentage Growth: 2017 to 2018

Rank Name 2010 2017 2018 Percent growth
1 Nevada 2,700,679 2,972,405 3,034,392 2.1
2 Idaho 1,567,657 1,718,904 1,754,208 2.1
3 Utah 2,763,891 3,103,118 3,161,105 1.9
4 Arizona 6,392,288 7,048,876 7,171,646 1.7
5 Florida 18,804,580 20,976,812 21,299,325 1.5
6 Washington 6,724,540 7,425,432 7,535,591 1.5
7 Colorado 5,029,316 5,615,902 5,695,564 1.4
8 Texas 25,146,114 28,322,717 28,701,845 1.3
9 South Carolina 4,625,381 5,021,219 5,084,127 1.3
10 North Carolina 9,535,736 10,270,800 10,383,620 1.1