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Bruce Bialosky

Are Dems Having a Convention or an Anti-Semitic Conclave?

Issues seem to explode onto our radar out of nowhere these days and then become very consuming. Yesterday thinking I had survived Mueller week, I received alerts that the Dems were considering multiple anti-Israel resolutions at their California convention this weekend. With all the sizzle of having a slew of presidential candidates at the convention, who would have thought that attacking the Jews would become a hot topic?

For those of you who have never attended a party’s state convention, they serve many purposes. One is to establish the political philosophy of the party through resolutions that address hot-button issues. With the rise of anti-Semitism in the world, it is not shocking that something popped up. But the fact that six out of 100 resolutions were focused on Israel with an anti-Semitic taint stills startles.

The information was broken on various news serviced with the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) having the best initial analysis. A group, the Progressive Zionists of California, took the lead in fighting these resolutions. Though they brand themselves as Progressives, they state they still endured “anti-Semitic verbal assaults by the far Left.” The group stated the resolutions “demonized Israel.”

A prime example is one resolution calling for the right of return for all Palestinians to the current state of Israel which would effectively end Israel as a Jewish state. Another resolution disallows criticism of Israel in any form from being considered anti-Semitic.

The most controversial issue was trying to place blame on Israel for the attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last August. Others have tried to blame the Far-Right for this. The murderer wrote hateful things about President Trump, so blaming anyone right of center for this is questionable. It is not beneficial to point fingers at any political ideology for this. The only blame should be placed on nut cases. Only a nut case walks into a public gathering and starts shooting people. That is their motivation.

Paul Kujawsky, a Los Angeles lawyer, who is part of the leadership of the Progressive Zionists, was quoted in the article. I contacted Mr. Kujawsky. He opened up on the subject, but only after easing his concern because of my past history as a columnist.

Despite being in the aforementioned group, Kujawsky asserted he is a liberal, not a Leftist. He stated that his party (Democrats) remains a pro-Israel party. “There is a small core of lunatic Left that is pushing anti-Semitism. Trying to hijack our party.”

When asked whether this was a new manifestation, he replied “There has always been a lunatic Left, but in the aftermath of the rise of the Left they became more active in the party.”

He expressed that he thought there was an anti-Semitic element in both parties and each party denies their own problems and points fingers at the other side. Kujawsky stated with confidence that none of these six resolutions will go to the floor of the convention.

Mr. Kujawsky is a fine and earnest man. We agreed that we would get together when he returns from the convention. Unfortunately, he has fallen into the same failed analysis that many have who align with his political beliefs. That is, he believes there is equality in America between the anti-Semitism of the Left and the Right.

There is in one regard – it all is evil. The right (far right) anti-Semitism is limited to a minor number of cranks. This was exhibited by a KKK meeting held the other day where nine people showed up while there were estimated 500 protesters. There are no accepted members of the Republican party who displayed these perverse attitudes.

The anti-Semitism on the Left is now mainstream. This is exhibited by the newly elected members of Congress who flash this on a regular basis. It is now reinforced by the grassroots operations at the convention of the Democrats in the largest state of the Union.

We will see whether Mr. Kujawsky and his political allies can wash this evil element from their convention this weekend. The bigger question is what will they do afterward?