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Ray Haynes

Of Hypocrites and Name Calling; Democrat Partisanship As Usual Ignored By the Media

For the past several months all we have heard from the Democrats is how Trump is issuing “racist” statements to rally his base and assure his re-election. Leave aside the fact that the things they have been saying have been completely untrue (it is not racist to say Baltimore is a rat-hole, when in fact it is). The only reason Democrats resort to the “racist” charge is to rally their base. They know the African American and Hispanic communities are doing well under the Trump administration, and the only way they can keep those votes in the Democrat column is by stamping the “racist” label on Trump. The Ds know two things: (1) the media will always be quick to assign the tag to any Republican upon whom the Dems post it, then do all the research they can to confirm that tag; and (2) some lesser Republicans will join in on the Dem chorus, either because they are media toadies or because they themselves are really racists, and they don’t want to be caught up in the media frenzy.

What really angers the Ds is that no Republican president has ever fought back against the Democrats on this stuff. The whole reason political discourse has been coarsening and the ugly fights have been getting uglier over the last three years is that President Trump (I still like that combination of words) won’t lie down and give up. He fights back. He is the Republican that the Party really needs right now. The Ds cannot succeed in their attacks, and Trump is the Patton of the Republican Party. He may not always be pleasant, but he fights…like hell. We need that if we are to create long term political majorities.

But let me tell you what you won’t hear from the media. This week there were three examples of outright partisanship that have gone unnoticed by the media. Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill banning anyone who does not disclose their tax return from being on the presidential ballot in California and then he goes to the press to say that Republicans are responsible for the culture of violence that he says caused the Gilroy shootings. Finally, Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a lawsuit against a highly successful conservative nonprofit whose only crime is to send gift packages to our troops overseas. Let’s take each instance by itself.

Aside from being unconstitutional, there is only one reason to make the truly stupid idea of having to reveal one’s tax returns a condition of running for President, and that is partisanship. Newsom’s signing of the tax bill is an example of elevating partisanship above everything else, including the Constitution, and the media is silent. It is the perfect example of the Ds pandering to their base, and the silence on the part of the media is deafening, further proof that the mainstream media is little more than the propaganda arm of the left wing of the Democratic party.

Want more proof? The comments that Republicans are responsible for the “culture of violence” that resulted in the shootings in Gilroy is beyond the pale. Let’s leave aside the fact that he and his Democrat colleagues in the Legislature keep wanting to let the truly violent in our culture back out on the street by weakening our criminal laws, Newsom has been silent on Antifa, silent on the increasing crime in our streets, and silent on worsening environment in our urban cores caused by the failure of the Democrat controlled governments in our large cities. Once again, Newsom is pandering to his base, and the press is silent.

Finally, AG Becerra filed a lawsuit against Move America Forward, an organization whose only crime is sending food and gifts to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh, horror of horrors. We know from stories in conservative papers in DC, that left wing groups like “End Citizens United” spend 92% of money collected from small donors on “administrative costs” (read high salaries for Dem consultants), but rather than go after those people, Becerra chooses a conservative group who has received awards from nonprofit groups for its stewardship of money entrusted to it. Partisanship? You decide.

Three examples, two of D elected officials pandering to their base, and abusing the power entrusted to a D elected official by voters to attempt to silence a conservative group doing good work. Where is the outrage from those who believe in good government? Where is the media, who claim it is their duty to ferret out government abuse of power? Nowhere. That is because they are partisan, they believe in winning at all costs, even if that means spreading propaganda and undermining confidence in the government. Ds should remove the log in their own eye, before they start criticizing the splinter in the eyes of Republicans.