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Bruce Bialosky

The Single Most Important Reason to Reelect President Trump

Though the election is just short of six months from now and there will be plenty of changes in our lives between now and election day, there is clearly one reason (above all) that requires all of us to do whatever we can to make sure that Mr. Trump is our president for another four years. This situation coalesces all the factors in one place and rises above every other issue. The issue is Michael Flynn.

It is quite surprising this case has blown up now. Sidney Powell, Flynn’s attorney (Sidney is a lady) should be given a Presidential Medal of Freedom for literally digging in her heels and turning this travesty around. But we have known some factors for a long time that should have turned the stomachs of every American.

First, two FBI agents waltzed into Flynn’s office while he was National Security Advisor to the newly inaugurated president. They did it under the pretense of a collegial conversation. In fact, they advised him he did not need a lawyer. Then they used the conversation as the crux of their effort to destroy his life. Miranda v. Arizona was decided in 1966 and has since been the law of the land. Our top federal law enforcement agency did this — under control of the director, James Comey — and the case was not thrown out on that fact? We should all be appalled and disgusted.

It did not end there. Members of the Justice Department went on to ignore two U.S. Supreme Court rulings on which they receive annual training. They ignored Brady v. Maryland (1963) that requires them to turn over all exculpatory evidence to the defense. They ignored Giglio v. United States (1972) which requires prosecutors to turn over any information that could be used to question the bias or credibility of a witness. That makes three hard and fast rules regarding protection of the rights of the accused that were ignored.

Readers of this column know I have clear disgust for the tactics used in this case and others. Federal prosecutors overcharge targets (and quite often “targets” is exactly what they are), burying them in legal work costing thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. They bring their targets to the edge of bankruptcy and then they show up in the middle of the night and knock on their parent’s door like they did to Michael Milken. Or they threaten indictment against your brother like they did to Milken or your son like they did to Flynn. Is it any wonder so many people crack while their weasel attorneys whisper in their ear they should take a deal without consideration for their future reputation? This is all done in the name of “us,” the American people, and we should demand an end to these disgusting tactics. When our law enforcement agencies do this, it implies nothing less than a “banana republic.”

There is a lot of speculation about why there was an urgency to entrap General Flynn. Andy McCarthy, certainly one of the smartest legal observers around and former member of the Justice Department, concluded that it was to get Flynn out of the way for a clear path at Trump. It is not far-fetched when you consider the facts around Evelyn Farkas. Farkas was President Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. She went on MSNBC and touted the Russian Conspiracy theory by stating “I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the Obama Administration.” They might “try to compromise those sources and methods.” Of course, there never was any information or sources or methods to disappear. When Farkas had to testify before Congress under oath, she admitted she knew nothing about these matters. She was just throwing out salacious puffery to build her street cred with the Trump haters. You cannot be indicted for lying on MSNBC. Farkas is now proudly touting her credentials to get a promotion to become a member of Congress. Think of the lies she could tell in speeches on the House floor.

We know others have lied. The worst case is the former Director of National Intelligence who was also exposed as a pathetic, sick liar – James Clapper. He is now paid to lie on CNN. That is even though he admitted to lying to Congress after being accused of such by members of both parties. He was regularly making up lies about Flynn and the administration but told a different story under oath. In June 2017, Clapper stated “that the Trump-Russia scandal is more serious than the Watergate scandal of the 1970s.” Under oath he denied there was any evidence to back that up. Can his constant companion John Brennan (the former CIA Director) be far behind in his lies?

As more Congressional testimony is released, the question is how many more liars will have their lies melt away under the pressure of being under oath?

A perfect example of this is the unmasking of Flynn’s name. A proper authority, say John Brennan, may have wanted to track who was speaking to the Russian ambassador. Once Brennan learned it was Flynn it should have been the end of the story as the incoming National Security Advisor had a perfect right to speak to the ambassador. Why 38 others unmasked his name, most improperly, is a great mystery. That is not the worst part. The leaking to the press of Flynn’s name is a felony and someone should be convicted of that. Yet, the Democrats mantra-machine comes out and says this story is just a distraction and then they repeat it over and over and over again as if it were true. A high level official in the government committing a felony is not a “distraction.”

After this gross abuse of our laws, our FBI and our Justice Department — the people who perpetrated and protected these offenders — are attempting to turn the tables on those trying to correct it. A very wise man repeatedly said that the Left accuses people of doing something wrong while they are actually doing the very same thing themselves.

The Democrats corrupted the FBI and Justice Department and then accuse their opponents of doing such when the Flynn case disintegrated. You can see it in the coordinated and immediate attacks on AG Barr. They propose that the case should be left in the hands of Judge Sullivan. How preposterous. If a case does not have the goods, prosecutors need to abandon it. It is not as if the Judge can or should order them to pursue the case. And then it begs the question, how reliable are the judges here after their repeated errors in judgment issuing warrants on faulty information through the FISA court.

People who regularly rail against poor black men being railroaded into guilty pleas because of pressure by overzealous prosecutors somehow cannot fathom that Flynn’s guilty plea was contrived to keep his family and himself from further damage. His admissions of lying were somehow sacrosanct while their admissions of robbery or murder were unjustly coerced.

These people will do whatever it takes to get their way. This entire matter was plotted and planned. Probably no one will ever go to jail. No one did when they abused and misused the IRS for political gain. I will state my belief that this went all the way to Mr. Obama, but they will never come clean because no one will turn on him as they are all true believers. They make the Mafia look honest and forthright.

Hopefully, John Durham’s forthcoming report on the origins of the Russia investigation will have the goods on them, but he needs enough time to present the case. If Mr. Trump is not re-elected rest assured the case will be killed.

This is truly one of the darkest hours in our government’s history. If we allow the President to lose in November, they will have won with their destruction of our justice system and it will be justified in their eyes. It is a means to an end. Like Harry Reid said about Mitt Romney in 2012: “He didn’t win, did he?” We cannot allow that to happen this time.