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Richard Rider

I support federalism — President Trump, let the cities burn

I support federalism.  Whenever possible, state and local governments should be largely autonomous in how they deal with their problems.  The federal government should seek to limit its function to national defense, and a few other narrowly federal issues.  Including defending the Bill of Rights — specifically the 2nd Amendment.

As I see it, President Trump erred in sending in troops (“law enforcement units”) to Portland.  It MIGHT be justified SPECIFICALLY to defend federal properties, but these forces expanded their role to countering local violence and unrest.

On balance — looking at the Portland example — I think that it’s better to let the federal buildings in such cities be destroyed.  If they need to be rebuilt, build them in safer cities and states.  Woke cities don’t need or want no stinkin’ jobs.  Just ask their progressive goddess — AOC.

Trump is a man who (like our CA Governor Newsom) likes to rule by edict.  It results in him too often unwisely dealing with issues the federal government should stay out of.  Of course, to varying degrees, EVERY President has done that.

I prefer that the local government politicians be given huge latitude in running their states, counties and cities.  If they want to defund the police — including TRULY defunding the police — so be it.  If they want to let thugs burn down their cities while establishing mob rule, that’s their decision to make. Including here in California.  IF a majority of the voters agree (by voting for these bozos), let’s allow such states and cities to give good old fashioned anarchy a try.

Of course, with freedom comes responsibility.  The federal government should refuse ANY local aid to repair the carnage resulting from such policies.  No federal “rebuild the cities” programs.  Indeed, ideally the federal government gets out of ALL local infrastructure spending.  Along with the usual sensible reasons, it’s unconstitutional.

IF the local governments can’t stop the devastation with their local police, it might be okay for the federal forces to lend policing assistance — IF the local and state governments request it.  If there’s no such requests, stay out of Dodge.

Obviously many citizens in such jurisdictions — indeed MOST citizens — disapprove of anarchy.  Such folks have several overlapping choices:

1.  Get serious about voting out the bastards.  Start with the elected martinets who rule almost all big cities.  But look at your state government politicians — most need to go.
Frankly, I don’t expect this option to work until things get much, MUCH worse — if ever.  The MSM, public employee labor unions and social justice warriors constitute a powerful, almost unbeatable coalition in big cites.  So be it.

2.  As an individual, you and your family should armor up. Buy effective firearms, and know now to use them.  Forget relying on the police in such anarchist jurisdictions.

3.  Support allowing states to leave the Union. Slavery is over.  In particular, let CalExit take effect.  I’ve strongly supported this Left Coast option for some time.  Let the progressives go.  Read why.

4.  Flee.  If you can, move your family and your businesses out of such cities, and hopefully out of those states.  This the most important longer term option.  Beat the rush.
Move to a state that still respects property rights, the rule of law, the right to pack heat, personal freedom and public safety.  There are a LOT of clearly superior choices.  Over 40, compared to California.