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Ray Haynes

The Attack of the Arrogant Lazy Authoritarians (ALAs)

I knew the Arrogant Lazy Authoritarians would take over. I wrote about it 4 years ago. I just thought it would take a little longer. Start with a fake health crisis, a Legislature dominated by ALAs bought off by government unions, a state of sheeple, and boom! the state has already started down the road to tyranny. The Arrogant Lazy Authoritarians (ALAs) have taken over.

Let’s begin with banning the Republican Party. In the last days of session, the Senate Pro Tem literally banned Republicans from the Capitol. The excuse was a quarantine, because one Senator tested positive for corona virus and attended a Senate caucus with other Republicans, but there is no Constitutional basis for prohibiting, for emergency purposes or otherwise, a member of the Legislature from meaningful participation in the Legislative process. No testing, no evidence that anyone else in the caucus was infected, no evidence that no one got close enough to him to be infected, just a ban on attendance. It didn’t take much to suppress opposition. What will be the next emergency? Given the tenuous evidence used to justify massive government intrusion on people’s freedom using alleged emergency powers, and the lack of response by people (who appear to act like sheep, hence, sheeple) to those intrusions, it won’t take much to complete the complete removal of all freedom. It is now evident that the ALAs that occupy the positions of power in state government see little or no limitations on the exercise of their power, and very few people are willing to stand up to them.

The next step the Democrats took, after banning Republicans from meaningful participation in the Legislative process, was too limit debate to eliminate all opposition to their crazy ideas. The Senate has never limited debate, ever. The Assembly has tried, but usually Republicans were able to keep those intrusions to a minimum. In this last session, there seemed to be no limit on the authoritarian exercise of power by the majority. Quash opposition, rule with an iron hand, throw legislators, elected by millions of Californians, off the floor, despite their Constitutional right to be there, and shut them up. This is classic tyranny.

Then having successfully barred Republicans from the process, the Democrats started doing their dirty work. Why focus on real problems? We have our state parks burning out of control because environmental policies allow weeds to grow and die unabated, until they are lit by natural forces, and create deadly fire danger to anyone living close to those areas. All summer long, shortages of electricity, caused by environmental regulations that prohibit utilities from generating adequate supplies of power, created dangerous situations around that state as air conditioners in senior centers and traffic lights shut down. Riots tore our cities apart, as criminals were set free around that state. What did the Legislature do about these real public emergencies? Nothing

Nope, in the Legislature’s mind, slavery reparations from a state that never had slavery was more important than seniors dying or businesses being destroyed by out of control rioters. The only that Californian whose family owned slaves, that we know of, is Senator Kamala Harris. If reparations are owed, she owes them, not me and my family. Californians fought on the side of the freedom in the Civil War, to abolish slavery, then Republicans here in this state fought for civil rights laws. The only oppressed minorities here in California were Asians. And the Democrats response to that? Reinstate legalized discrimination, which they call “affirmative action,” to prevent Asians from entering state financed colleges and universities.

But that’s not all. Ensure infrastructure stability? NO! Ban flavored tobacco products? YES!!! Put bad guys in prison for hurting innocent people and businesses? NO! Child molesters? Yes!!! Your safety and a good education (in good schools called charter schools) for your kids? NO! Special prison space for transgendered? YES!!!

And on and on and on. The people of the state of California chose these people to run their state. They have capitulated to the illegal orders of the ALAs. And those that didn’t are leaving this state. As long as the ALAs continue in power, and give money and power to the interest groups that finance the ALAs pursuit of that power, California will continue down into the sinkhole it has created. Fires, power outages, crumbling infrastructure, bad schools, and continuing demands for new taxes by increasingly incompetent legislators and bureaucrats. And no one says no to this tyranny. We definitely get the government we deserve.