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Brandon Powers

Brandon Powers
A two-time Pollie Award winner and a recipient of Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s 2010 Rising Star feature, Brandon Powers is a political and public affairs consultant, and the owner of Powers Communications. Brandon has been a part of winning campaigns throughout California. In recent years, he managed Assemblyman Jeff Miller’s first Primary campaign, and went on to serve as Assemblyman Miller’s Chief of Staff. He worked to defeat Proposition 93 – Speaker Fabian Nunez’s effort to water down California’s Term Limits laws. And he was a part of Steve Poizner’s campaign for Insurance Commissioner. In addition to that, Brandon has served as the General Consultant for a number of winning local government races throughout Southern California, and is frequently sought to manage Independent Expenditure campaigns. Since 2006, Powers Communications has won more almost 90% of the races it has overseen. His firm also represents a number of corporate and non-profit organizations, providing services ranging from governmental and public affairs, to marketing and branding efforts.

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