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35th Senate District – So you thought it was a done deal

As of a few weeks ago, most political insiders were expecting Assemblyman Tom Harman to walk into the 35th State Senate seat (to be vacated by Sen. John Campbell as soon as he wins the race for the 48th CD on Nov. 8).

There have been rumors about possible challengers, Michael Resk, a Huntington Beach businessman, disabled veteran and HB 4th of July Parade Co-Chair has been making the rounds and expressing interest (former OC GOP party staffer turned consultant Will Hutson is handling Resk). OC Board of Ed. member and failed Congressional candidate (47th against Loretta Sanchez in 2004) Alexandria Coronado has made some noise, but most don’t think she would go for the senate seat.

OC Supervisor Jim Silva, candidate for the 67th Assembly seat (the one Tom Harman holds now) has been recruited for to switch to the senate race, but probably won’t… Read More

Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt

Steel, Haynes Ready for ‘Taxing’ Race

Two candidates have emerged as a likely head-to-head match-up for the June ’06 Primary to replace Claude Parrish on the nation’s largest elected Tax Board. Parrish is termed out of his Third District Board of Equalizationseat. Michelle Steel is reportedly off to a good start with $450,000 cash on hand and Mike Richman of Johnson Clark Associates on board. But the big news is Steel’s recent appointment by Parrish as Deputy Board of Equalization Member. And yes, she’ll get to use that ballot title in the June ’06 Primary. So we’ll see what kind of incumbency mojo that gets her, if any.

The other major force in the race is Assemblyman Ray Haynes, who has good conservative legislative credentials, including his authorship of the California Border Police Initiative. His… Read More

Master of His Domain

For all your Bay Area folks, tonight’s political "must see tv" is the televised "townhall" in Walnut Creek featuring Gov. Schwarzenegger and two critics of his initiative slate.

The fun begins at 6 p.m. on KTVU, Channel 2, the Bay Area’s Fox affiliate.

Actually, there’s no good term to describe tonight’s event. With a pre-selected audience, it’s not a "townhall" — at least, not in the purest sense. It’s not a debate, as there’s no direct back-and-forth between the two sides. "Forum" is too longwinded and somber (and the name of a public-affairs show on the local NPR station). "Smackdown", which you might get if you put all the players on the same stage at the same time, is too WWE.

What tonight’s broadcast shows is how skill with which the governor and his handlers control the medium that is television. Thanks to smart… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Major Newspapers Endorse 77! Sea change?

As we get close to the Special Election, California’s newspapers are going through their every-election ritual of taking official position on ballot measures that will appear before voters. For conservatives, this is an exercise in cynicism – as we have come to expect, with a few exceptions, it is always the liberal causes that receive the blessing of the editorial boards. Heck, in Orange County, where I am from, it is a running joke that the candidate backed by the LA Times in a GOP primary loses a lot of perspective Republican voters!

So, it was with a bit of disbelief that I read an email from Prop. 77 Chairman Steve Poizner:

Hi Jon, Today, we received endorsements from the LA Times andRead More

It’s easy to pile on

Few young people in politics aspire to be a sanitation district board member, but there is huge money (your user fees and tax dollars) in sewage and we really can’t afford to ignore these types of agencies.

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, our local version of Sen. Tom McClintock, has had some stern words for the Orange County Sanitation District regarding that agencies hiring of a new age management consulting firm.

An email today from Assemblyman DeVore explains: "This is a follow-up to a story you may remember from last July when I first wrote about the Orange County Sanitation District’s (OCSD) $180,000 per year consulting contract with a yoga priest (“Holy Sewage!” in Human Events July 15, 2005), then two weeks later when I reported that the $117.8 million sewer treatment agency fired Dharma Consulting after being embarrassed by the revelationsRead More

Mike Spence

Gil Cedillo, Problem Solver

Four score and some years ago, CalTrans and the state of California thought finishing the 710 freeway would relieve congestion and bring economic prosperity to the west San Gabriel Valley.

They didn’t count on the people of South Pasadena who have organized and spent millions of dollars fighting this idea.

Now, State Senator Gil Cedillo has proposed a tunnel to connect the freeway. Read about it here. We’ll see if he solved the problem…. in another forty years.Read More

Jon Fleischman

Feedback: Duncan Hunter, Bill Mundell

Subject Feedback – where I give you a chance to read what is sent to me by some of the subject’s of the FR Commentary:

Here are two ‘responses’ —

1) On October 12, I wrote in my commentary about my frustration that Congressman Duncan Hunter of San Diego, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, was apparently opposed to any across the board spending cuts in Congress. The conservative Republican Study Committee has proposed these cuts as a way to deal with Katrina Recovery costs without raising taxes or ‘charging’ efforst to the federal defecit.

On behalf of Congressman Hunter, his Communications Director, Joe Kasper, sent along the following:

"I wanted to contact you regarding your recent writing on Congressman Hunter and the suggestion of a 2% across the board funding reduction for FY06. It is important toRead More

Duane Dichiara

The New Urbanization

In 1994 I lived in the top floor of a hundred year old Victorian in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego. I paid $325 a month for two bedrooms, a balcony, and formal living and dining room. Within a few blocks were a handful of restaurants, a couple of bars, and a coffee shop that had just opened. Also within a few blocks were various drug dens and the very real danger of getting mugged. And while I didn’t have a lawn, I did get to sweep needles off my front alcove every couple days. If I wanted to go downtown proper to the Gaslamp I could almost always park for free within a block east of the main drag, 5th. A couple more blocks to the east of Gaslamp was a no-man’s zone of cheap bars, prostitution, homelessness, and crime. On 5th and 4th there were a few dozen bars and restaurants.

Skip forward eleven years. I’m looking out my downtown office window at a dozen new highrises, almost all residential. What’s more the abandoned old high rises are now thriving hotels or condos. Little Italy is virtually crime free, has dozens… Read More

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