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Jason Cabel Roe

For the record…

I don’t disagree with comments made in response to my item on Prop. 77. I am, however, a paid employee of the House of Representatives and so, unfortunately, somewhat restricted in how much bashing I might feel like doing about the current state of the House Republicans. It is not so much how that I might impact myself but it might prove uncomfortable for my boss.

Having said that, I am happy to point out that my boss, Tom Feeney, is one of the good guys in today’s House…it would be hard to lump him in with much of what has transpired in areas of spending, government expansion, etc. He was one of the 25 that voted against the prescription drug bill and Citizens Against Government Waste named him one of this year’s two "Super Heroes" for getting 100% on their scorecard (the other Jeff Flake of Arizona).

And to clarify, I don’t really have any feelings one way or another on Prop. 77 although some came away from my previous post thinking I oppose it. I’m indifferent. The point of my post is… Read More

Jon Fleischman

DREIER v. THOMAS: Congressional Fissure? Or gossip gone awry?


I am a big supporter of Proposition 77 – the measure that calls for a new process of redistricting in California that I believe will lead to more competitive seats in general elections. I do not believe, as some do, that this measure will cause a ‘moderation’ in our GOP nominees. That said, sometimes politics does make strange bedfellows. I will tell you now that I never dreamt that I would be rowing an oar in the same boat as Congressman Bill Thomas.

BIG-GOVERNMENT BILL THOMAS Let me start here: It is very easy to dislike Congressman Thomas on a personal level. As a matter of fact, he almost makes it fun to not like him. In a moment, I will talk about the ‘politics’ of a… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Spanos “spits on the ground” in front of Angelides

It was recently reported that self-made gazzilionairre Alex Spanos had made a seven figure donation to support Proposition 77, the Redistricting Reform measure on the November Special Election ballot. It was interesting to read today in the Capitol Weekly that Spanos, a prolific donor to GOP candidates and causes, had recently made a $25,000 contribution to Democrat Controller Steve Westly’s campaign for Governor. Odd. Weekly writer Shane Goldmacher reports that the donation "…continues a long tradition of Greek-American Spanos bankrolling candidates running against State Treasurer Phil Angelides, a fellow Greek-American who is running for governor."

Of course, both Spanos and Angelides have so much money that this $25k is probably the equivalent of spitting on the ground in front of your nemesis…

When I was Executive Director of the California Republican Party, I had occassion to accompany Party… Read More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Arnold Could Cost Us a Majority? Bullhockey!

With all due respect to my friend and fellow Flashblogger Jason Roe, the passage of California’s Proposition 77 is not going to cost us a Congressional Majority in Washington if it passes in November. What WILL cost us a majority is the GOP’s embarrassing, dreadful handling of the nation’s finances and spending, and a complete lack of courage to do something about the borders. I WANT every Congressional Republican incumbent to have to compete for his or her seat. The reason we have drifted so far in Washington to public policies that we used to abhor is the absence of real electoral competition. What better way is there for so called "conservative" members of Congress to rediscover the Reagan doctrine than a good healthy fight every two years to stay in office? As for those members of the California Republican Congressional Caucus that have refused to sign on to Proposition 77, I hope all of your seats… Read More

Duane Dichiara

Stick A Fork in Her She’s Fryed

Already flagging in every legitimate poll, San Diego Democrat Mayoral candidate Donna Frye recently advanced a bold new policy proposal that probably put the finishing touches on her campaign: raise sales taxes $1.1 billion over the next ten years to pay for the pensions of city employees. Increasing taxes to pay for the pensions of city workers or make up for the other grotesque overspending, wasteful habits of City Hall have been polled time and time again as the touch of death.

To steal amusing quotes from a recent Union Tribune editorial that excoriated Frye Pontius Pilate style:

"Would you vote to raise your taxes by a whopping $1.1 billion over the next 10 years to pay for the bloated pensions of city workers?"

"Mayoral contender Donna Frye not only thinks you should, but that you will"

"This is precisely the measure demanded by the city’s politically powerful public employee unions"

"Councilwoman Frye’s proposal to raise taxes on a massive scale as a first resort is fiscally imprudent and… Read More

Jennifer Nelson

Where’s a social deviant supposed to go?

When I lived in Sacramento and needed a laugh, I sat down and watched Bill Murray’s “Stripes.” Now living in the Bay Area, all I need to do for a good laugh is to watch San Francisco local politics.

Sometimes the board of supervisors is passing loony resolutions, like advocating that the federal government allow a San Francisco group to trademark the name “Dykes on Bikes.” Other times, the craziness comes from the many different (and often freaky) groups in San Francisco, the high church of group politics.

The latest example is the tension in the Polk Gulch neighborhood. Once dominated by drug dealers, prostitutes and the homeless, the neighborhood now is enjoying gentrification.… Read More

Poizner — Capitol Weekly

On the front page of today’s Flash Report you’ll find a piece by me, just published by the Capitol Weekly, defending Steve Poizner, chairman of the Prop 77 effort, a Republican Insurance Commissioner candidate and, last fall, a contender for the open seat in the 21st Assembly District (a campaign I took part in).

Actually, the column is more of a clarification. I fear that some Sacramentans see Poizner as a spoiled rich kid obsessed with political vainglory, no matter the cost. I thought it was time to set the record straight.

I’ve worked for the man and can personally attest: he’s in this game for the right reasons. He shares Arnold’s reform vision; he believes in a better brand of politics that’s based on intellect and reason. Yes, he invested a considerable sum of his own money running for the Assembly, as he now has on behalf of Prop 77. But spend some time down here on the Peninsula and you’ll appreciate why. He was running in a district that’s serious Bush-hating country,… Read More

So you say you are Lt. Governor

No one has taken the time to write anything substantive about Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante lately and that must make him sad.

Don’t get me wrong, there was Yamamura’s mention in the SacBee of Cruz going to Thailand for a quickie (trade mission) and of course yesterday SF Chronicle’s John Wildermuth’s mention of an old FPPC fine the Lt. Gov. had to pay back in 2004.

But my absolute favorable ink Cruz has gotten lately is, his EXCLUSIVE OpEd about who cares what in Tehama County’s own: Red Bluff Daily News!!!

I am not sure, but I think I am breaking news here, Cruz Bustamante may be running for County Clerk-Recorder… Read More

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