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Jon Coupal

Legislature abandons state’s middle class

California’s middle class, who pay the bulk of all taxes in California, are constantly under attack from Sacramento politicians. Already this year, the Legislature approved Senate Bill 1, to add 19 cents per gallon to the cost of fuel beginning in October and an average of a $50 increase in the car tax. This translates into at least $400 in additional taxes for the average California family.

Now, Sacramento politicians have compounded the damage by imposing another fuel cost increase by extending the state’s cap-and-trade program, a market-based regulatory system for controlling greenhouse gas emissions. Under this program, impacted industries buy credits at auction which are then used to incentivize decreases in pollution levels.

Surprisingly, many industries forced into the “cap-and-trade” auctions supported the extension because they were threatened by Gov. Brown, environmental extremists and powerful regulators with an alternative program run completely by the government bureaucrats at the California Air Resources Board. And those were not idle threats.

Be that as it may, some legislators are using the “it could have been worse” argument to… Read More

Richard Rider

A Defense of Proposition 13 Property Tax Revenues — Updated with 2017 Revenue Figures

by Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters

Updated 21 July, 2017 – updated for 2016-17 property tax revenues

Phone: 858-530-3027

Read More

Richard Rider

New, legal(?) method for millions of people to avoid paying sales tax

Did you serve in the military and receive an honorable discharge? Or did a family member? It now appears you can avoid paying sales tax on many purchases, because you now have online access to the military exchanges.

Up until now, in the U.S. you could only shop at these exchanges if you were active duty (active or reserve) or retired military. DOD has unilaterally decided to let ALL honorably discharged vets shop there — but only online. Overall that means at least 13,000,000 more people (and often their families) will be able shop there online.

That would come to about 1,560,000 California veterans — vets who were heretofore not eligible for military exchange privileges. And the exchanges are TOUTING the fact that you won’t have to pay sales tax.

The state and local government tax grabbers can’t be happy about this development. And they DAMN sure… Read More

Richard Rider

A puzzler: Why are ND and CO the two best employment states?

Here’s a puzzler: The new (June) state unemployment figures are out, and two states are tied for the lowest rate of only 2.3% — North Dakota and Colorado.

ND is the lowest it’s been since 1976 when this information began being tracked monthly. The June national unemployment average is 4.4%.

Why is it puzzling that these two states are best? Well ND is supposedly suffering from the collapse in petroleum prices (down over 50% from the peak in June, 2014). A recession was universally predicted for the state. Yet its unemployment level is now lower than when the fracking boom was in full swing.

Colorado? They legalized MJ. All sorts of conflicting reports about the result (government can screw anything up), but it’s apparent that the economy did not collapse. Far from it!

I should also mention that Tennessee hit similar record low unemployment figures for that state — 3.6% — the best since 1976. Coincidentally Tennessee recently scheduled the final phaseout of what remains of their… Read More

Ray Haynes

Melissa Melendez – Woman of Courage

I don’t take enough time to say something positive when it needs to be said. Too often, I am quick to criticize, slow to praise, or too distracted with my every day life to notice and applaud true courage in Sacramento. Today, a great thing happened and it cannot go without comment.

The decision of the Minority Leader in the Assembly (and I emphasize the word minority leader, in my time I was the Republican Whip and the Assistant Republican leader, because I refused to accept my minority position, this leader has capitulated and decided to more like a Vichy than a principled opposition) to negotiate with the Dems over cap and trade was a tragic mistake, one that will have devastating consequences over time. The pro-business leaders in the private sector that counseled surrender on cap and trade have done a huge disservice to the people of California, and the legislators that went along with this surrender deserve the approbation that will be directed at them. They have proven themselves worthy of the superminority status they have in the Legislature, and they will keep that status until they start worrying about doing the right thing, and quit worrying about… Read More

Katy Grimes

CA GOP Swamp Sells Out to Dems on Corrupt Cap and Trade

As the California Legislature voted Monday to extend the corrupt Cap and Trade taxing and regulatory program by 10 years, eight turncoat Republican legislators voted with the Democrats. They received support from the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Manufacturing and Technology Association, along with several other big biz groups. But they didn’t just reach across the aisle and vote with compadres – Republicans provided cover for three Assembly Democrats in targeted seats who couldn’t or wouldn’t vote for the cap and trade extension.

Read More

Jon Fleischman


Today is supposedly the day that Governor Brown, Senate President DeLeon, and Speaker Rendon will press for an up or down vote to renew the state’s controversial and draconian Cap and Trade program. Here are ten reasons for Republicans to vote hell no

IT’S BAD POLICYCalifornians are among the most over-taxed and over-regulated people in America. The cost of living in this state is sky high, and government policies like Cap and Trade contribute significantly to this fact. A vote for Cap and Trade puts a Republican on record as supporting this massive regulation and plunder… Read More

Richard Rider

California “food stamp” administrative cost is 169% higher than national average

I found a new category where California is once again a winner! In its fashion.

The federal “food stamp” program (now called SNAP) is federally funded but administered by the states. And boy, does California administer!

Looking at the fiscal year 2013 figures, the national average administrative cost per case per month was $25.21. California “led” the nation with a monthly cost of $67.84. California’s admin cost was 23.6% higher than the second highest state (Wyoming). It was 169% higher than the 50 state average (including, of course, California’s bloated cost in the average). Table 11

How about compared to hated Texas? California’s cost was a whopping 235% higher — more than TRIPLE the Texas cost. “You get what you pay for”? I think not. Part of the admin cost is to fight fraud. But CA was able to successfully disallow bad claims only 54.6% of the time a hearing was held, vs. the… Read More

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