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Ray Haynes

I Have Passed Through the Looking Glass

The world is the product of some fantasy, perhaps I am Alice, passing through the looking glass into this world of fantasy, but I feel more like Winston Smith, part of a world of oppression.

What is violence is tolerated in the name of free speech. What is free speech is suppressed in the name of violence. What is free press is criminalized in the name of justice, what is justice is criminalized in the name of advancing freedom. What is democracy is suppressed in the name of democracy, what is democracy is undermined in the name of government power. Those who have actively participated in the advance of socialism in this state gather to cry when the monster they created eats them, and those who made housing so expensive that no one can afford to live through the use of government power now claim they can solve the problem they created by the exercise of more government power. The fantasy that is Sacramento is spinning out of control.

The Stories:

(1) The Mayor of Berkeley asks UC Berkeley, the birth of the free speech movement, to suppress the free speech of people with whom he disagrees under the guise of maintaining the public peace. His police… Read More

Ray Haynes

Do Republicans Actually Believe in Federalism?

I usually don’t write articles on marijuana or its legalization. I don’t have a dog in the fight over the legalization of marijuana. Quite frankly, I don’t care. I think we have wasted a lot of time and money making it illegal, enforcing the law against it, trying to make it legal again, arguing over whether it should be legal or illegal, running initiatives to legalize its medical use, initiatives to legalize its general use, and way too much money on using it. The fight over marijuana is foolish, a waste of time, a testament to a country that has too much money and time, and not enough to do. However, there is a bill coming up in Congress in the next week or so that affects that fight, and Republicans have an opportunity to actually advance the causes of freedom and federalism

I believe in freedom and federalism. I believe that increasing and protecting freedom is an important thing. I also wish that those who have fought so hard to legalize marijuana devoted as much time and effort increasing and protecting freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, private property rights and freedom of contract as they have to making… Read More

Richard Rider

The amazing, ‘eye-popping’ success of Success Academy Charter Schools

If you want to see why liberal apologists and teacher union bosses foam at the mouth when voicing their opposition to school choice, look how badly public schools come off in NY state — compared to the Success Academy Charter Schools. Read the full piece.

The tragedy is to realize that these successful kids constitute just a tiny fraction of the students that could be helped by school choice. Only the KKK and Democrat politicians can love the current repressive, monopoly, government plantation-mentality education found too common in urban areas.

NOTE: The students are selected for these charter schools by lottery. Most are minority, low income students. 93% are “children of color.” And they are kicking ass.


The amazing, ‘eye-popping’ success of Success Academy Charter Schools

Mark J. Perry

August 24, 2017 11:04 am |AEIdeas

Read More

Richard Rider

The little-noted lesson to be learned from Seattle’s desperate attempt to impose a city income tax

This article (click on the URL) details Seattle’s desperate (and likely unlawful) effort to impose a CITY income tax to pay for their runaway pensions — even though state and city charters forbid such a levy. It’s a worthwhile read.

But in addition to the pension fiasco, for wealthy Californians there’s another lesson to be learned from this latest attempt to impose an income tax in Washington state. When (more likely than IF) a rich Californian finally decides to depart the Golden State and its sky-high 13.3% state income tax, it’s important to look at the POLITICS of the lower taxed state you move to (ALL of the other 49 states have much lower state income taxes!).

For instance, look at the income-tax free states. Nevada and Washington state both have zero … Read More

Craig DeLuz

SB 2 will hit minority and low-income communities the hardest

Earlier this year, an article published in the Sacramento Bee entitled “Black Homeowners Struggle as U.S. Housing Market Recovers” highlighted a new report from the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies that found African-Americans are not sharing in the housing recovery that many other Americans are experiencing in the United States. The article stated that “the reasons for the lower homeownership rate range from historic underemployment and low wages to a recession-related foreclosure crisis that hit Black communities particularly hard.”

It is well documented that ethnic minorities are disproportionately targeted for subprime lending, which… Read More

Jon Fleischman


A lot of activity and politicking has been taking place amongst the 25 Republican members of the California State Assembly since the legislature reconvened on Monday. But from talking to a number of sources in the Capitol, including some of the GOP Assemblymembers, it is clear that embattled Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes has conveyed to his colleagues that he will not be standing for re-election next Tuesday. On Monday when the caucus gathered after the break Mayes’ colleagues declined to dump him on the spot (though it was a close vote) but instead called for a new election for leader in a week – an unprecedented blow to an incumbent leader. Mayes at that meeting had said he would run for re-election. And every caucus member being talked about to replace him voted against the “Cap and Trade” tax increase.

As word of this news has spread within the caucus, it has mostly been met with relief. Mayes, as it has been well publicized, led a group of six other Assembly Republicans to vote for a terrible “Cap and Trade” bill that will sock the the private sector for upwards of $25 billion over ten years, raise gas prices significantly (as well as… Read More

Katy Grimes

Can Assembly GOP Rescue Titanic After Captain Steers Into Iceberg?

The Assembly Republican Caucus failed on Monday to vote to oust its weak-kneed turncoat leader Chad Mayes. His failure to lead on the disastrous cap and trade manipulations and vote, allowed the cap and trade program to be voted on prematurely by two years, saved and extended a decade.

A leader would have demanded an audit and hearings on the program, and never allowed cover to Democrats in targeted districts fearful of the disastrous vote.As Flash Report publisher Jon Fleischman explained:

“…the ten-year extension of the draconian “cap-and-trade” program (AB 398), passed by the legislature with the votes of virtually every Democrat (of course) and the votes of eight ideologically challenged Republicans. The latter includeAssembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley), as well as State Sen.Tom Berryhill (R-Ceres), and Assemblymembers Catherine Baker (R-Walnut Creek), RockyRead More

Ray Haynes

The Party of Racism, Hatred and Bigotry

The historical figure that led to the fights in Charlottesville, VA General Robert E. Lee, was a Democrat. His statue was built by Democrats. Now Democrat office holders in Charlottesville want to tear down his statue because he was a racist.

Andrew Jackson, the father of the Democrat party and for whom many Democrat party fundraising functions are named, owned over 300 slaves at Hermitage, and ordered them to be whipped to maintain control of them. To compound his racial sins, he ordered the forcible removal of Native Americans from Georgia to Oklahoma. To this day, the Cherokee mourn the dead in the Trail of Tears.

John C. Calhoun, a Democrat, led the fight in the US Senate for more than 30 years in the mid 19th Century to protect the institution of slavery. However, the racism, hatred and bigotry of the Democrat party did not end with the civil war.

Following the Civil War, Republicans ran the country for over 60 years, but in 1884, Democrat Grover Cleveland won the presidency with the promise to end reconstruction in the South. Reconstruction was an effort by Republicans to eliminate the vestiges of slavery in the South, and so angered Southern… Read More

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