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John Hrabe

Capitol Family Feud: Name the Votes When GOP Senators Matter

Republican legislators picked up a big win last night at the YMCA’s “Legislators Family Feud.” Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff bragged on Twitter that it was Republicans’ fourth consecutive win at the annual charity fundraising event. Legislators shouldn’t have all of the fun. That’s why I’ve developed a home edition of the game.

Legislators Family Feud: The Home Edition

Let’s play, “Legislators Family Feud: The Home Edition.”

We surveyed 100 Capitol insiders. The top four answers are on the board. Name the legislative procedures that require Republican votes.

BZZZZZ!!!! Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, very quick on the draw, you buzzed in first.


Good answer. Good answer. Survey says…Read More

John Hrabe

$2.1 Million Redistricting Campaign Flips California the “Bird”

While everyone’s attention has been focused on candidate finance reports, an important campaign finance number has been ignored: the total cost of the Republican redistricting referendum.

According to its fourth quarter campaign finance report, the Republican group Fairness & Accountability in Redistricting spent a whopping $2.1 million on its effort to put the new state Senate maps to a vote in November. The committee collected $1.7 million, or 80 percent, of its funding from the California Republican Party. That’s money that a cash-depleted party could have invested into voter registration programs for the three competitive state Senate districts.

Over at CalWatchdog.com, I’m flogging the redistricting horse one final time. Why?

Because there were real problems with the commission that Republicans tried to expose. Moreover, the Capitol press corps is so busy attacking Republicans that they’re missing… Read More