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Jon Fleischman

Campell Wins Primary, Short of 50%+1

Here are the final returns from today’s Special Election in Congressional District 48…

Brewer fizzled for sure, Gilchrist really didn’t pick up steam, and Dems stayed home…

With all 268 precincts reporting:

JOHN CAMPBELL (R)              36,640           46.0%
MARILYN C. BREWER (R)      13,272           16.7%
JIM GILCHRIST (AI)                  11,490           14.4%
STEVE YOUNG (D)                     7,110             8.9%
JOHN GRAHAM (D)                   3,242             4.1%

The General Election falls December 6th — let’s get ready for the Special to fill Campbell’s 35th State Senate seat after New Years…

[Posted by the apparently less-observant Jewish blogger who has no trouble firing up the ol’ laptop on Rosh Hashanah!  Mozel Tov!]