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Meredith Turney

Tom McClintock Wins 4th CD Race

Almost all the votes have been calculated in the 4th CD race and with the major counties finally reporting, Tom McClintock has won. The largest county in the district, Placer, finished tabulating today, adding 1,464 votes to McClintock’s lead. McClintock now leads overall with 1,793 votes. In a press release issued this evening, the campaign announced that the vote tally “mathematically ensures” McClintock’s victory. The most unfriendly county to the McClintock campaign, Nevada, finished their counting today, thus ensuring the Republican victory. An official victory declaration from the campaign will be announced in just a matter of days.

Congratulations to the McClintock campaign, especially the outstanding staff. Also, many volunteers helped with the post-election ballot count watching—it’s not glamorous work and their dedication is commendable.  Although it was delayed a few weeks, the inevitable has been realized and Tom McClintock is now our congressman-elect. 

2 Responses to “Tom McClintock Wins 4th CD Race”

  1. Says:

    I agree, Tom survived a 3.5 million assault from RINO Doug Ose and than I’m sure another 3 million from homosexual marriage loving Charlie Brown and Nancy Pelosi. Tom is still standing!

  2. Says:

    Long may Tom prosper in the COngress. I know he will do much good for all in there. I would have prefered him as Governor, however.