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Shawn Steel

Marco Rubio and Hispanic Republican Voters

As the Florida Presidential campaign explodes into a media frenzy — there is also a substantial battle for the Hispanic vote–IN the Republican party.

I was not aware that if populous Miami county that 75% of Republicans are Hispanic. Nor did I know that 10% of all Floridian Republicans are Hispanic.

Marco who argues that Republicans are in favor of legitimate immigration always seems to say the right thing at the right time.

Marco Rubio is becoming an iconic symbol for the future of our party.

2 Responses to “Marco Rubio and Hispanic Republican Voters”

  1. Miryam Barajas Says:

    Let’s not fall in that trap and assume that all Hispanics are the same. Hispanics in Florida are Puerto Rican who have US Citizenship when born, or
    Cubans have special privilege that allows them to become permanent legal US residents a year after arriving in the US and citizenship within five years.
    Hispanics, residing legally in California face years, most of the time decades, in a waiting list to become US Citizens. Immigration discourse in Florida is very different than in California.

  2. dmackenzie Says:

    Marco Rubio is certainly a rising star. His star will rise higher if he abides by the Constitution and its priciples of individual liberty rather than just paying lip service to it. His vote for the NDAA and his naive defense of his position will come back to haunt him. But his reversal of his co-sponsorship of PIPA (SOPA) was a good move – I hope he learned a lesson.