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Shawn Steel

GOTV Ohio Field Update: Comparing Headquarters

Comparing headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, it is clear that Republicans have the edge.

Fully Staffed Romney-Ryan Headquarters: There are three fully staffed Romney Victory Headquarters in Cuyahoga County–east, south and west of downtown Cleveland. On Saturday, I visited the city of Independence headquarters, an appropriately named town for a major Romney-Ryan command post.

There are many Republicans in Cuyahoga County; they just don’t live downtown. The big question on Tuesday: will Republicans turn out in greater numbers to make up for the central city?

High Republican Enthusiasm — The Ohio’s Republican state director for North East Ohio tells me that this campaign enrolled more volunteers and enjoys more excitement than 2008 or even 2004.

More than half of the 50 + volunteers on Saturday night were from out-of-state. Particularly a large group from Texas

Teams of volunteers were coming in the afternoon after working scores of precincts– Just a few miles south of downtown

The Ohio deployment is going well.

An empty Obama HQ in Ohio

Lackluster Obama Headquarters:By coincidence in downtown Cleveland I found a “staging area” and regional Obama headquarters around 6:30 pm. Only three struggling souls were inside.

Still the poles show that this contest is within the margin of error. But, I believe those who have the will to win will elect the next President

From this anecdotal overview —our troops are bright-eyed, enthusiastic, numerous and dedicated.

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