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Katy Grimes

State of Jefferson Will Present Separation Declarations at Capitol

Representatives of the State of Jefferson movement plan to submit declarations at the Capitol today, from Modoc and Siskiyou counties to withdraw from the State of California.

This historical move by the State of Jefferson shows the California State Legislature that the citizens of Modoc and Siskiyou counties are serious and have formally petitioned for appropriate representation.

The effort provides these counties with standing in the future to challenge the State of California in a federal lawsuit.

Differences between State of Jefferson and 6 States Initiative

This is not the 6 States ballot initiative, Silicon Valley resident Tim Draper’s effort. They are trying to split the Northern part of California off. It’s different than .
There are major differences:
1. This is a grass roots effort – there is no large financier behind this movement.
2. The Jefferson proposal has historical roots. It was supposed to go through before WWI and boundaries were developed.
3. They have several counties that have signed on to this. I think they are up to 6 and two more are getting ready to sign on.
The Declarations

These official declarations have been signed by the Board of Supervisors of Modoc and Siskiyou counties and contain statements about  California being ungovernable in its present size and present form. The declarations also include a statement of a desire to reform under a new state government in order to return to a basic government model with less bureaucracy, regulation, and taxes, according to Michael Warnken, with the State of Jefferson effort.

Four additional declarations have been signed from Yuba, Sutter, Glenn, and Tehama counties with submittal into the California State Legislature planned within the next two to four months.

“This has been done before when Vermont split from New York, Kentucky formed from Virginia, Maine split from Massachusetts. The process has precedent and forming a new state is not secession. We are in the realm of possibility,” said Mark Baird, founder and spokesperson for State of Jefferson, in a press statement. “Our goal is to create a state where the citizens of Northern California are represented with a voice aligned with their values. We see this re-set as a game-changer for economic growth, new business formation, job creation, improved education, a reduction in regulations, and decreased taxes. The time has come for 51,” said Baird.

The formation of a new state is a legally simple process enabled by The United States Constitution allowing for a state split in Article IV, Section 3. The establishment of a new state does not require approval by the Governor of California nor the signature of the President rather 51 percent approval of the California State Legislature and a simple majority of the United States Congress and the United States Senate.

The Jefferson supporters will host a rally today at 2 p.m. on the west steps of the Capitol.

About State of Jefferson

The State of Jefferson is a grass-roots, non-profit, bi-partisan movement for the 19 most northern counties to withdraw from California to form a new state to gain adequate representation, reduce regulations, and restore freedoms. More information can be found at

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