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Ron Nehring

Major campaign training program for conservatives coming to SoCal

Citing the importance of getting conservative candidates, operatives and activists the training needed to win on the political battlefield, the Leadership Institute is bringing its comprehensive Campaign Academy to Orange County for a five month program that kicks off on March 5.

Learning the skills involved to effectively organize and communicate in a winning campaign can’t be done in just one weekend “campaign bootcamp,” so the Leadership Institute developed a program that provides in-depth training and exercises for participating conservatives in a program that takes place one Saturday each month for five months.  Each session is focused on a specific area of campaigns: strategy, communications, candidate development, fundraising and voter contact. The program is taught by faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, so participants learn that skills that can be applied in the real world right away.

Three times the Campaign Academy program has run in San Diego, with now well over 100 conservatives prepared to develop a campaign plan, build effective campaign communications, raise funds, build a winning narrative, and more.  Now, the same program is coming to the OC, making it accessible to conservatives from throughout OC, LA and the Inland Empire.

The Leadership Institute was founded by conservative leader Morton Blackwell in 1979 and has trained over 171,000 conservatives in all areas of waging a successful political campaign, legislative campaign, public speaking and media training, and more.  It is the “go t0” organization for conservatives who want to improve their ability to advocate for their principles and candidates.

To make the program accessible to everyone, tuition for the full five month program is just $150 for those registering before March 1.  For more information, including the dates and comprehensive agenda for this major program, click here.