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Katy Grimes

Sen. Joel Anderson Victimized by Media Collusion, #MeToo, Senate Democrats

California State Sen. Joel Anderson, R-El Cajon, was accused in late August by Stephanie Roberson, a female lobbyist for the California Nurses Association labor union, of threatening to “bitch slap” her and harassing her at a Sacramento Capitol-area bar.

The Senate Rules Committee investigated the incident, and issued their report Tuesday afternoon, complete with a letter of reprimand, and a hearty shame on you to Sen. Anderson for “completely unacceptable behavior.”


It is important to note that nearly every media outlet in California published only the account of Roberson, despite my interview with Anderson and subsequent articles, and I reported damning evidence of Roberson’s history and legal record of inciting violence.

Sen. Anderson’s timeline and account of the incident does not conform with the news accounts, nor with the “anonymous sources” in the Los Angeles Times reporting. Anderson said he told her, “Here’s something that’s a real bitch slap—I unionized my own shop,” referring to his direct mail business, and knowing she’s with a labor union.

Somehow Roberson and her female posse claimed they heard Anderson threaten to “bitch slap” her. The Los Angeles Times reported, “another lobbyist with Roberson said Anderson brought up the fact that Roberson’s organization never endorsed him. During the conversation, Anderson made comments about Roberson’s appearance, the witness said, and then threatened to hit her.”

Facebook trolls have been posting demands for Anderson to resign on his official Senate Facebook page, and media have written articles calling for his resignation.

As for the investigation, I find the conclusions in Sen. Pres. pro Tem Toni Atkins letter to Sen. Anderson lacking, and don’t entirely comport with the outside law firm’s investigation.

The Pravada-like Sacramento Bee shamelessly ran with the headlineTuesday: “Drunken threat to lobbyist draws reprimand for California lawmaker.” Yet the report stated that “no witness stated that Senator Anderson attempted to physically strike the complainant, and although some witnesses reported him attempting to physically advance toward her, he appears to have distanced himself from the complainant quickly after being asked to leave the bar.”

“The investigation doesn’t substantiate all the wild claims reported in the press, and I stand by my original statement,” Anderson said in a statement.

When Sen. Bob Hertzberg, a Democrat, was investigated following numerous complaints by women (and men) about his obsessive hugging, where he ground his genitals into women as he hugged them without letting up, Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins prematurely wrapped up the investigation. Hertzberg’s inappropriate “hugs” apparently had become a thing of legends, earning him the nickname “Huggy Bear.” Creepy legends. Several of his victims described his advances as being locked in a crotch-grinding hug.

Yet Hertzberg only received a “formal reprimand” from the Senate Rules Committee and was told to stop his unwanted hugging. There were no demands from media, or special interest groups for him to resign or step down.

Conversely, Sen. Anderson has been tried and convicted by the media in California, despite the flood of #metoo sexual groping, assault and harassment complaints in California’s State Capitol, most of which involved Democrats, and were glossed over. It’s also important to note that the freshman Assembly members in 2010 were required to attend training conducted by none other than former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg.

“You cannot solve the problem by asking someone if a hug is unwelcome or welcome because a person may not feel comfortable telling you it is unwelcome,” the Senate Rules Committee wrote to Hertzberg in a letter released to media. “Any further similar behavior will result in the Rules Committee recommending more severe discipline.”

As for Sen. Anderson’s accusers, five out of nine witnesses, can’t or don’t corroborate the complainant’s Roberson’s claims.

Sen. Anderson maintains they were in a spirited conversation about capitol politics, and then he offended Roberson when he implied she didn’t make any efforts to lobby republicans on her bills. Senator Rod Wright, who was with Anderson, at some point suggested they leave, and Wright says Roberson encouraged them to stay and keep talking. However, the Senate investigation referred to former Sen. Rod Wright as an “unreliable” witness.

The real crime being perpetrated on Sen. Joel Anderson and other Republican/Conservative men can be blamed on all of the virtue-signaling faux feminists in the country, and especially those currently holding political office, and attached to government.

Today’s liberal women are destructive, antagonistic women, devoted to their own misery in undermining traditional institutions crucial for a healthy, dynamic society: marriage, motherhood, and fatherhood. Joel Anderson has stood for family, the unborn, and justice … which makes him an enemy of the left.

Real harassment is a violent criminal act. But what these horrible women do with their false accusations and cover-ups only convolutes real sexual harassment and real sexual abuse cases, and further victimizes real rape victims … and they only do it to either cover their own political butts, or make a good guy pay for his actual virtue.

Not one newspaper in the state acknowledged what I reported about Anderson’s accuser: “Superior Court records show that in late 2016, Stephanie Roberson attacked a woman in the Blackbird Bar and was arrested for assault and battery, and for causing significant damage to the bar. According to the court documents, Roberson was ordered to have no contact with the female victim, and never return to the bar in which the incident took place. And, as part of a plea agreement with the court and the Sacramento District Attorney, Stephanie Roberson was ordered to take anger Management classes.”

I previously reported, “It is important to note that Anderson delivered a fiery floor speech in June 2017 in the Senate opposing the single-payer health bill Roberson and the CNA were pushing.

The abhorrent bullying tactics the CNA used during the fight over Senate Bill 562, which would have established a single-payer healthcare system in California, were all over the news. The single-payer bill was passed in the Senate however, once it arrived in the Assembly, Democrat Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon shelved it because its estimated cost was more than twice the size of the California State budget. The CNA and all of organized labor subjected Speaker Rendon to their wrath, and he even received death threats.

And then they turned their attention to Sen. Joel Anderson. We are seeing much the same perpetrated on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with the vile and unfounded leftist attacks. Democrats have done everything they can to delay and stall the vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, clearly fishing via social media for more accusers. This is nothing more than the most vulgar smear tactics of a good man, and a highly qualified judge.

The left would have you believe that all women should automatically be believed simply because they’re women, as in the case of Sen. Joel Anderson and Judge Kavanaugh. Democrats are corrupt, and vile liars and cheaters. They will do anything to achieve and maintain power.

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