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Ray Haynes


On Monday, our Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian in Chief (ALAIC), Gavin Newsom, issued new orders to “fight the spread of COVID-19.”

This, of course, occurred right after he, and his minions in the Legislature, violated those orders by (1) sending his kids to school; (2) participating in a soiree at an expensive restaurant that should have been closed down; and (3) flying off to Hawaii for a legislative seminar. What we don’t know is if the ALAIC wore his mask between bites of food or his drinks, whether he “social distanced” himself from other attendees at the restaurant (I would like to see them talk to each other 6 feet apart), how many “families” attended the functions, and whether the ALAIC’s legislative minions actually tested themselves before heading off to Hawaii.

One publication called it their “Marie Antoinette” “Let them eat cake” moment. I think it was more of a proof that the COVID restrictions are a pretense for the unbridled exercise of government power. Who cares about the Constitution or the legislative process? We have COVID, that trumps everything.

I want to be clear. I have no problem with ALAIC Newsom going to a $375/plate restaurant or legislators going to Hawaii. The problem is that those activities are proof that the Governor’s orders are “not necessary” to protect “the public safety.” ALAIC Newsom and his legislative minions have engaged in activities that have been reported to be “super spreader” events. I don’t think they are, and the ALAIC and his legislative minions know they are no risk to their health. They also know that when we engage in that kind of behavior, it is not a risk to us as well. Since the exercise of emergency powers requires evidence that the orders are necessary to protect the public safety. His own behavior puts the lie to the evidence he has used to intrude on our liberty.

It was NOT, as ALAIC Newsom said, a mistake in judgment, or poor judgment, or some other pile of manure excuse that ALAIC Newsom gave to excuse his behavior. He tried to justify it by saying that the restaurant was allowed to be open because it was “following” all of the the quarantine orders. Of course it was. Why they wouldn’t lie to us about an expensive restaurant in an exclusive area, a restaurant that has close ties to ALAIC Newsom.

Again, I have no problem with the restaurant being open, or ALAIC Newsom going there. However, his behavior is absolute proof that the orders he has made are not necessary, and, therefore, unconstitutional intrusions on the liberty of Californians.

That is why we each need to make our opinion on this issue clear. We need to say NO!!! to these orders now, and we need to make it clear to those in the ruling class in California that we will no longer allow these intrusions on our liberty.

NO!!!! to useless mask orders.

NO!!!! to business closures.

NO!!!! to unnecessary quarantines.

NO!!!! to closed schools and government offices, who collect paychecks without doing their jobs.

NO!!!! to the unemployment that comes from these outrageous government orders.

NO!!!! to anyone who wishes to enforce these orders, no matter what position they occupy.

NO!!!! to any kind of curfew.

ALAIC Newsom proposed all of these things within a day after he himself made it evident by his own behavior that such restrictions are not necessary.

ALAIC Newsom recently lost in court, and the court issued an injunction against just these types of orders. He appealed the decision with the claim he had to power to act without restriction or oversight given the broad powers granted by the alleged danger, and public health emergency, created by the virus. Except he himself acknowledged with his actions that no such danger exists. Go ahead, send your kids to school, go to fancy restaurants. Heck, gather with protestors on city streets to attack police, I don’t care. However, you cannot do all those things and then claim there is a public health emergency. Those two are mutually exclusive. So, if you can do those things, we can too.

I am surprised that the legislative leaders don’t challenge this unbridled exercise of legislative power by ALAIC Newsom, but, of course, they get to go to Hawaii while we are forced to cower in our homes.

We get the government we deserve.