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Bruce Bialosky

White Liberals

I have recently concluded that white liberals are the most dangerous people in our society. I decided to expand on the concept and explain why these sanctimonious people are so harmful.

Across America people are regularly elected who make clear they want to radically change the landscape of American politics, particularly the justice system. Some may not distinctly state their desires, but once in office their plans become clear. The critical support of white liberals is what gets them into those seats.

These white liberals first and foremost reject candidates that are labeled “Republican” even if their Democrat opponent expresses radical policies. The idea of voting for a Republican no matter how moderate is so abhorrent to them that they think if they vote for that Republican that God will strike them dead on the spot.

It does not matter what the Democrat’s policies are as stated or once in office, white liberals will stick with their choice even as they see the policy choices are against their own self-interest. If the candidate is black, they will support the candidate even if that candidate has completely different policy positions in an attempt to assuage their guilt over perceived past harms.

A perfect example is the election of Brandon Johnson as mayor of Chicago. The city had been run into the ground by the strange and ineffective Lori Lightfoot. She was elected principally because of two factors: being female and black. Chicagoans had a chance to right the situation. After giving Lightfoot 18% in the primary, they had a choice to elect Johnson or Paul Vallas, another Democrat with a history in elected office.

Johnson is a tool of the teachers’ unions getting well over 90% of his campaign contributions from them. Vallas expressed a desire to reform the schools and to hire more police officers to put a dent in the weekend blood baths on the streets of Chicago. The public schools in Chicago have had a dismal record for years resulting in the suffering of poor black and brown children.

Johnson won the runoff with 51.4% of the vote. There is no question the way the vote broke down that Johnson was put over the top by – you guessed it – white liberals. Johnson did not even wait to being installed as Mayor to show how he was going to run (some might say run “down”) Chicago.

A group of youths rampaged through Chicago’s Millenium Park area which is occupied by a large segment of the liberal white population that elected Johnson. This caused fear among the residents to walk the streets of their local community. While Johnson responded that the activity is “unacceptable,” he then said, “it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

The white liberals learned hard and fast the effects of their votes.
Unfortunately, the school children of Chicago will probably suffer the ramifications of Johnson’s election probably the rest of their lives.
Let’s look at California – in particular, the passing of Proposition 47 which raised felony theft to anything above $950. Steal anything below that amount and you’re good to “go.” Rest assured the proposition was put forward by white liberals somehow thinking this was good public policy.

Now women are afraid of going to malls or luxury stores as mobs descend on these stores regularly to loot them of up to $100,000 of merchandise at a time. Certainly, no Republicans voted for this monstrosity, yet everyone is paying the price of this ungovernable policy.

Then there are the District Attorneys funded with Soros money and elected with the backing of — yes, white liberals. Whether it be Kim Foxx in Chicago, Alvin Bragg in New York, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Kim Gardner in St Louis (resigned) or George Gascon in LA, they have all been destructive to the rule of law. Most said what they were going to do before they did it.

Gascon may be the worse case as he relocated from San Francisco (where he did a “marvelous” job) to run in Los Angeles. He ran on a platform of reform, promising to reduce mass incarceration, end cash bail, and divert more people away from the criminal justice system. He beat an incumbent who is a black woman and a Democrat. The first day in office he unleashed a laundry list of radical policies that stated he was not going to follow the laws of the county, state, or federal government. Now white liberals ask me how he can get away with doing what he is doing. It is because you white liberals put him in office.

It is not just in America where white liberals are dangerous. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, there was a long interview with Katharine Birbalsingh, a Brit, who started the equivalent of a charter school in the northwest London neighborhood of Wembley. She summed up her take on the situation by stating, “black children fail because of what white liberals do and think.” Here is the person on the frontlines of education with complete clarity on the matter.

I could go on ad infinitum with the misguided thinking and dangerous actions of white liberals, but as the saying goes — why beat a man when he is down. Hopefully, they will someday wake up and realize the lawlessness on the streets, the homelessness on the streets with dangerous people scaring them from walking their dogs, and the failing public schools are all their fault for supporting extreme Leftist policies with the misguided notion they are doing good.