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Bruce Bialosky

Were You Surprised?

Because of my background as a weekly journalist, a committed Jew and former member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, I have been asked many times recently “Are you surprised by the level of anti-Semitism that occurred after October 7th”? My answer, NO.

My question is why anyone is surprised by the large crowds gathered to support a group (Hamas) that closely resembles the Nazis and proudly revels in the fact they successfully butchered 1,200 Jews in one day in their sneak attack on civilians.

Does anyone really believe most of the people in the rabble really know what they are protesting? What the cause is really about? Enough on-site interviews validate their ignorance. It is astonishing that any woman in the United States or Europe is out marching for this cause when they live in societies that have advanced the rights of women to the highest point in history. Odder still are Gays and the related alphabet soup cheering a group that would be happy to bury them alive.

This has been brewing for years. The leaders of this thinking have been working for half a century to overturn the underpinnings of our society. Names like Angela Davis, Herbert Marcuse, Derrick Bell, and Paulo Freire became the intellectual leaders of the movement. Instead of being vilified they were at first tolerated and then venerated. They were allowed to create disciples that permeated the establishment and created a new system of counterculture that became part of the establishment.

They used Harvard University as the fulcrum, but then spread their Marxist thinking throughout the education system. The fascinating part is universities are funded through the largess of capitalists and successful entrepreneurs donating gobs of money. The desire to receive false prestige by seeing their names on buildings masked any understanding they were funding parties interested in destroying the very core of the contributors’ beliefs.

They created an environment in which they lived a cushy lifestyle while duping the average American into funding their excesses. And then they spread their Marxist beliefs like every other group interested in changing the status quo. These individuals and their disciples taught classes six hours a week, then spent the remainder of their time creating documents and doctrines to destroy the very essence of the American dream. They sucked our economy dry of billions through student loans while attending soirees where they denigrated the system that was feeding them and their elevated lifestyle.

Then they created their own vocabulary with terms that made little sense, like “Intersectionality” and “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI),” “Settler Colonialism” and “Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).” They told people if they did not go along with their perverse thinking, the people were racist. Nothing strikes at the core of a liberal, committed American who follows the rules like being called a “racist.” The liberals bowed to their twisted thinking.

In fact, every university hired teams of DEI officers. Every Fortune 100 company danced to their tune. They disguised their Marxism with race-based terminology. cowered their victims into turning these Marxists into affluent operators of programs training people to hate the essence of their own existence. The plotters must have enjoyed a huge laugh as they saw the masses pay to be degraded as they do in the DEI training classes.

We then saw our society’s humiliation during 2020 as destruction ravaged our cities in the name of a man who was nothing more than a common criminal. The Marxist will use any excuse to destroy our society. The populace was hoodwinked into exalting groups like BLM which were self-declared Marxists and anti-Semites. The capitalists poured millions into organizations organized to tear down the essence of capitalism and freedom. Riots were incited with the creation of inflammatory rhetoric. Again, we did nothing to stop them.

They worked the system to have the shamed people put in place laws and people that dismantled our justice system. Liberals willingly changed the law to allow people to steal up to $950 without fear of retribution, then people were horrified when mobs attacked and pillaged their local stores. The criminals had been given license to do such by your average American who the mobs and their leaders consider repulsive.

On October 7th, the crowds of people generated by these Marxists and their milieu once again marched in the street. Is it a surprise? I have asked people for years to name one Leftist/Marxist who is not an anti-Semite. They can never cite one in history. They may call themselves “Socialists” or “Democratic Socialists” or some even call them that soothing term – “Progressive” — but they all hate Jews and especially Israel.

They try to segregate Jews and Zionism, but that is not worthy of discussion. If you are anti-Zionism, you are an anti-Semite. Period.

As usual Jews are the “canaries in the coal mine.” Many business leaders woke up to the dangers of these people as they marched in support of the modern-day Nazis. They came to realize the operations (charities and universities) they supported bred abhorrent beliefs. So many Jews who thought the haters were their friends woke up to the reality that at best the Jews were tolerated but more likely distained.

It was not the haters out marching that shocked the people. There is a certain breed of Muslim trained to hate Jews, but not all. That is evidenced by the advances of the Abram Accords. The others who ballooned the crowds were Marxists who were bred by the universities and their evil cohorts.

Why do they hate the Jews? That is an eternal question. They hate the people who provided the concept that people have a free will and that all men and women are created equal. That is too much to bear as these people want to control our lives and tell us what to do and believe.

Hopefully, Americans and particularly Jewish Americans have been awoken to the fact the Left in our advanced societies are the ones breeding anti-Semites. They abided by all their new rules yet found out the crowd still shunned them. It is time to defeat them and their ilk and tell them America is the shining city on the hill. We want to maintain the country that has provided the most free and advanced society in history. And we will do what we must to make sure that Israel will be there with America for eternity.

As I have stated again and again, support for Israel is not a Jewish value. It is an American value.