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Dan Schnur

Starting the post-election spin

Why wait until the last minute? It’s time to start the post-election spin….

I don’t pretend to know who’s poll numbers are right. The Public Policy Institute and the Schwarzenegger team seem to be polling on different planets, or at least using vastly different samples and techniques. If I had to guess, though, Proposition 76, the governor’s budget reform initiative, is pretty much dead. Propositions 74 and 75, the measures on teacher tenure and paycheck protection, could go either way. And Prop 77, the redistricting initiative, looks like a long shot but is still pretty much of a wild card, given the cross-partisan nature of its support.

Mike Murphy, the governor’s lead consultant, has been quoted saying that passing just one of the four of the initiatives would be a victory for Schwarzenegger. That doesn’t sound like a campaign that’s confident of winning three or four of them. But for the most part, Murphy’s probably right.

Passing teacher tenure reform but losing the other three would be a very thin reed on which Arnold could claim success: it wouldn’t be a believable claim… Read More

Mike Spence

Haynes Reveals Who he Loves the Most

Last timeI wrote about the confusion wrought by conflicting press releases, endorsements and dinner invites involving conservative assemblyman Ray Haynes and candidates for the 77th Assembly District. Joel Anderson and Debbie Beyer.

I have heard from both campaigns and from Ray Haynes. Here was Ray’s response:

Debbie Beyer is Jay La Seur’s candidate. He asked for my endorsement.Joel is a great conservative.

I dual-endorsed because I am tired of conservatives eating each other alive, and trying to use the endorsement wars to accomplish that. Both are great conservatives, both should work out who should run. My endorsement shouldn’t determine that outcome.

As for the fundraiser, Debbie didn’t ask me before she used my name, but since I did endorse, I didn’t complain

Good Enough?Read More

Jon Fleischman

Union Thugs, whipped up by Speaker, attack woman!

YESTERDAY MORNING… If you were spending the day yesterday at the famed Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, you might wonder what was creating all of the clamor outside of your hotel window. You part the curtains, and look down into adjacent Pershing Square…

What do you see? There is a fired-up latino yelling to a crowd of seemingly-deranged and maniacal followers. A cult? A demonic ritual? From the window, you can see that many are carrying signs, and you squint to try to read them.

That’s when you notice that many in the crowd have turned on a woman — they surround her, and the chanting turns into yelling. Through the glass of the window, you can’t tell exactly what they are screaming, but the tone would fit screams of "Go to hell, Bitch!"

From your vantage point, high up, it looks like the crowd has descended on this poor woman — are they hitting her?

As you pull away from… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Union Thugs at Nunez rally Attack Woman!

You don’t want to miss the actual news video coverage of this woman being attacked for her support of the Governor’s reform measures. Read the entire story, and see the VIDEO in today’s FlashReport commentary!

Oh yes, presiding over the whole rowdy rally of crazy union thugs? None other than former union-organizer turned Democrat Assembly Speaker — Fabian Nunez.

Read it all here.… Read More

The Host Committee, or lack thereof – a look at the 5th Supervisorial District Race

The host committee is an important part of any fund raising event.

There is a big difference between the working host committee member that has agreed to raise a determined dollar amount and the host committee member who simply lends his or her name to an event for the sake of prestige or comfort in numbers as I like to call it.

The invite that prompted this post was received this week from Laguna Niguel City Councilwoman Cassie DeYoung who is running for Orange County Supervisor (5th District, an open seat in ’06 due to term-limits). The Nov. 9 event to be held at Antonello’s Ristorante (the best Italian restaurant in OC and hot spot for old school political fund raisers for offices like Board of Supervisors and Anaheim City Council) is $175 per person.

The only thing missing from the invite though, is a list of host committee members. DeYoung, a seemingly wealthy candidate who has self funded with hundreds of thousands of dollars, is running against popular former… Read More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Time to Give It Back

It appears that most of the Governor’s special election issues are going down to defeat on November 8th. Paycheck Protection, Proposition 75, has the best chance of passage, which would amount to a big victory for all Californians. Conservative turnout will be the key to passage of 75. On November 9th, the map will look quite like it always does – Inland Counties supporting the Governor by wide margins, and Coastal Counties from LA northward giving him a slap across the face. So what if the Governor gets swept? What then? Let me be the first suggest giving control of the State back to the Democrats. And why not? Apparently, the people of the State don’t remember what a mess we were in just a short time ago under Democrat control. So if the Governator doesn’t run again, and the Democrats preside over their utopian form of government beginning in 2007, here’s what we have to look forward to: Multi billion dollar deficits, a credit rating lower than Ethiopia’s, Illegal immigrant driver licenses, tax increases, and a… Read More

Jon Fleischman

There’s only one poll that counts…

ON SURVEYS IN THE FINALS DAYS… As we get closer and closer to election day, the media’s voracious appetite for stories related to the election will only increase. This is always the case. My favorite phenomenon takes place around now, when we get within two weeks of the big day. The press folks all look for a ‘big story’ and then rush to print it. [the visual here would b e when you put food in a fish tank, and all of the fish swarm to eat the little flakes in the water]. This is the period of time where all of these different polling companies will release information, all in the most startling manner possible, in order to gain notoriety for their individual poll.

Today’s headlines are dominated by the first of these ‘last minute’ polls — this one from the Public Policy Institute of California, based out of San Francisco. These folks have news-making down to a science. First they set up… Read More

Jon Fleischman

“Illegal Foreign Nationals (in U.S. Military Bases), prepare to be boarded…”

Here’s a great federal government in action story for you…

GOOD IDEA: Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents checking military installations throughout the country. Apparently since 9-11, the feds have been cracking down on those in the country illegally having access to military bases. Just in April, 18 foreign nationals were arrested in San Diego. Apparently they worked for a contractor to the Navy and all 18 had valid credentials to go in and out of the 32nd Street Naval Station.

POOR EXECUTION: There is an… Read More

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