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Bruce Bialosky

Colleges are Losing Their Chokehold on America

There is a fable that has been created in our society over the last 50 years. That fable is you will not succeed in America unless you have a college degree. It is so much so that students (and their families) have driven themselves into $1.4 trillion of debt. The Democrats want to make college free (Yes – “free”) while we (the nation) absorb the existing debt. Fortunately, many major employers, in part driven by the pandemic, have realized that not all their employees need degrees. In fact, it is harming their employment goals.

Not only have larger employers used a college degree as a distinguishing aspect in their hiring practices, but so have many medium and smaller sized employers. One of the reasons it is a demarcation on a resume is because it can be. In today’s legalistic world of hiring, employers can maintain employees’ college degrees as a characteristic to stratify employees. Mindlessly or not.

Research for this column noted that many employers felt a college degree confirms a higher level of verbal and writing skills. That is fascinating because most employers I know think the current college graduates (except for possibly ones with… Read More

Ray Haynes

Everything That is Wrong with the State Budget, Part 1

I support the recall, but I have a warning. The one thing I learned from our 2003 recall experience is that the Democrats who control the Legislature, and their allies in the press, will blame Republicans for everything that occurs post recall, even if the seeds of the destruction were sown by the Democrats prior to the recall. By the end of his term, Governor Schwarzenegger and the Republicans were successfully blamed for the failings of the state government that were rooted in the mistakes of Gray Davis. If we actually do succeed at the recall, and are not careful post recall, the same thing will happen again.

I say this because the economic collapse of the California State Government is now, in my opinion, unavoidable, and, if the recall succeeds, Democrats will do all they can to avoid responsibility for their failings, and blame the impending collapse on the new Governor. If the new Governor acts like Schwarzenegger, and, like him, lacks the fortitude to stand up to the Democrats, that new Governor will get the blame for the collapse. That is the lesson of the 2003 recall. Simply winning the recall doesn’t fix a thing. The policy disputes that will… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

What Makes Them Elite?

There is a constant discussion in the public arena about the “Elites.” While recently reading the thoughts of Thomas Sowell, I had a clear analysis session on what makes these people Elite. What qualifies someone as such, and why do we even refer to anyone in the American society as such?

Everything begins somewhere and the Elite began with a professor of sociology at Columbia University named C. Wright Mills. Professor Mills wrote a book, The Power Elite, which first defined the term which became shortened to the one-word definition for conversational convenience. The book describes the responsibilities of certain individuals in post-World War II America. He defines the relationships among the political, military, and economic elite suggesting that they share a common world view. He states power rests in the hands of the elites of American society.

The idea of Elites has evolved immensely since 1956 when Mills first defined the concept. So much so that if he were alive today, I doubt he would recognize his theory as defined within American society.

For example, the educational elite. In 1956,… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

A Tell Upon America

The term “tell” is often used regarding poker playing or pulling a scam. It refers to a gesture, a look, a twitch someone has that indicates what they are thinking. For example, a person always scratches his forehead when he is bluffing in poker. I recently encountered a situation that was itself not significant. Yet it really “tells” you what the state of America is today.

Everyone knows that California has been a disaster regarding our water supply for a while. California lost allocation from the Colorado River and squandered water reservoir bond money for years. In addition, the sensible solution to the problem – desalination plants — has been denied by the elected officials, largely because of environmentalists. Then there is the agriculture industry that provides fruits and vegetables for the entire nation but uses a lot of water. Because of that most all Californians practice water savings procedures that many other Americans do not have to think about.

I signed up for an app called Nextdoor. You may be familiar with it. It allows people who live within a certain area near to one another to communicate concerns. These days a lot of it talks… Read More

Richard Rider

California has highest state gas tax, but our roads are worse than all but one state

The annual California AUTOMATIC gas tax increase occurs every July. Perhaps it’s a good thing. It’s a yearly reminder about our state’s sky-high, anti-people gas tax. Let’s review.

Perhaps you — like most Californians — think that you are not getting much road repair “bang” for your gas tax buck. You are absolutely correct.

According to this research by a “pro road” entity, California roads are the SECOND worst in the nation. Only Rhode Island is deemed to be worse.

45% of California’s roads are listed as “poor.” The national average is 20%. While the outfit’s definition of “poor roads” is probably somewhat exaggerated, the DIFFERENCE between states is a fair “bang for the buck” comparison. Go to this website below and click the “state road… Read More

Tim Coyle

Costs Continue to Vex New Housing

You’re hoping that excessive housing costs don’t have an effect on consumers, aren’t you? After all, you may have supported a few of those costs and backed the local governments that charged them.

Like solar power. Who doesn’t like a renewable like solar? So, you may have looked the other way when the state imposed a system-installation mandate for all new single-family homes.

That is until you’ve entered the market for a home and you get the bill for a new one: More than $800,000. That is the median price for a home in California today. The amount will change tomorrow – and will be worse.

About $50,000 of the home price will pay for the solar panels and their installation – starting now all new homes built in the state must have them. You probably supported the solar initiative. Most people in California did.

The cost of solar comes on top of myriad local charges for approving new California housing. Those exactions are summarized in a March, 2020 study by UC Berkeley’s Terner Center of Housing Innovation and include:

• Land costs, which have doubled, even tripled over the first 16 years of the decade;… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

ProPublica’s Disgusting Attack on America

Last week, members of Congress applauded the acts of a significant journalistic operation for their “responsible” reporting of stolen information. President Biden was silent regarding an attack on his government’s taxing agency. All of this was done to advance a policy goal of the Left.

ProPublica is a nonprofit that states it is a “newsroom that aims to produce investigative journalism in the public interest.” As they stated, “ProPublica has obtained a vast trove of Internal Revenue Service data on the tax returns on thousands of the nation’s wealthiest people, covering more than 15 years.” This is a misleading statement as what they have is personal information on specifically identified American taxpayers. They stated they received this information from an anonymous source. They consider this a journalistic coup.

This is not the Pentagon Papers or even the information published by Wikileaks. There was great debate whether those releases of information were legitimate. There should be no debate whether this was legitimate. This is the individual tax information for many people. Our government, in the hands of the Internal Revenue Service, has… Read More

Jon Fleischman

OC Supervisor Bartlett’s Proposal To Allow Current Supervisors To Each Serve Three More Terms Is Back

She’s baaaack. Once again term-limited Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett’s misleading ballot measure/power grab is back on the agenda for the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting this coming Tuesday. Readers may recall that last July/August, right up against the deadline to place items on the November election, Bartlett introduced a cynical, self-service measure that would “blow up” term limits for all of the incumbents on the board, giving all of them the ability to run for three more four-year terms (currently Supervisors are limited to two four-year terms, then cannot run for a third term without retiring and being forced to come back – which has only happened once). Bartlett’s frantic effort last year was because the current term limits prevent her from running for re-election next year. She is forced to retire. At the time, despite support from one of her colleagues – Supervisor Chaffee, she was unable to garner support from Supervisors Do, Steel and Wagner. Her effort failed — and she had to face the reality of leaving the board after two full terms, like everyone else. She pretty quickly launched a campaign for… Read More

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