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Ray Haynes

Challenge An Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian, Go To Church

The Governor complained yesterday about people going to the beach.

According to the AP “The Democratic governor targeted beachgoers in Orange and Ventura counties, calling them an example of “what not to do” if the state wants to continue its progress fighting the coronavirus.” Beachgoers as criminals? Oh come on, man.

Of course, he doesn’t want to have to get mean about making people do what he says (at least according to him). Once again, in the AP story: “As he works on a reopening plan, Newsom said he does not want to step up enforcement against people who don’t follow the rules. But he urged local governments to reconsider their directives and said the California Highway Patrol is considering more ‘aggressive enforcement’ measures.”

Oh gee whiz, thanks Governor. You’re all heart.

The evidence is mounting daily about how this Governor completely overreacted to the health issues caused by COVID-19. We were told in March that we needed to completely destroy California’s economy to prevent an “untenable influx of new cases” the virus was expected to create. We were told… Read More

Ray Haynes

I Can Sit Anywhere I Want At My Favorite Restaurant

Can you imagine 50, or 500 people a day, walkin’ into every local public health office and singin’ “I can sit anywhere I want at my favorite restaurant” why they’ll think it’s a movement, and that’s what it is the Favorite Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement, and it needs to start now.

I always loved Arlo Guthrie’s song “Alice’s Restaurant” because it made a point. You don’t have to be serious or violent to make your point known, you just need to speak it, and act accordingly.

There’s a protest at the state capitol in Sacramento on May 1. And the state government won’t give them a permit to hold the protest. Reason? Why–the government just doesn’t brook opposition to its stupid orders. The First Amendment allows the protest, because denying the permit is blatantly unconstitutional, but no one ever accused this California State Government of giving a rat’s behind about the Constitution.

This much we know – 99.9% of the people of this state are not infected with the COVID – 19 virus, and less than 99.99% of the people of this state have died… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Is This the Time for Civil Disobedience?

As we attempt a return to our traditional way of life – as it was before this pandemic was unleashed worldwide by a lying, despotic China — the divide in our country has become more abundantly clear. There is a group of people who believe that government is righteous and wise versus those who believe in the wisdom of the everyday American.

The evidence of this divide could not be clearer than with what has occurred with the attempt to expand funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Despite the fact that an entirely new program was instituted to provide funding to potentially 30 million small businesses by 4,500 banking institutions through an agency that normally does 30,000 loans a year, $349 billion was distributed to a multitude of businesses that now must recall their employees or be held responsible for repaying the loans. This was all done in about a two-week period. All of this was to stem the tide and begin to reverse the effects of 26 million people who claimed unemployment benefits in the last month.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drafted a two-page bill (to be an addendum to the original bill) for additional funding of $250… Read More

Ray Haynes

The Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian

In his most recent announcement on the COVID-19 situation, Governor Newsom said his decisions will be based on “data not politics.” Here is one key data point: 99.9% of the people of the state of California are NOT infected with the virus. This is not the worst “pandemic in history” as some have attempted to describe it, the Spanish flu in the early part of the last century was far worse, and, as a country, we had far fewer tools to fight the disease. Yet, the country did not shut down.

The AIDS crisis of the 1980’s and 1990’s killed many more people and was mostly transmitted by male homosexual sexual contact, yet the country didn’t outlaw male homosexual sex. To this day, there is no vaccine for AIDS, and transmission continues at the rate of about 1.7 million infections per year around the world, but we don’t shut down human sexual conduct.

36,000 people die every year, year after year, from automobile accidents in the US, but we don’t ban driving (we do recommend social distancing while driving though).

These are the facts on COVID-19: the disease has not overburdened our hospitals, it has… Read More

Richard Rider

Federal $600/week unemployment payments creating millions of new welfare criminals

In the politicians’ rush to “do something” during the coronavirus pandemic, D.C came up with a stunning, idiotic program to damage the economy while creating millions of new welfare addicts. And many of these addicts may well be committing criminal acts before the $600/week unemployment giveaway (supposedly) ends on 31 July.

I’ve been writing about this coming problem for weeks, but it really didn’t become apparent to the public until the $600/week federal “unemployment” checks started raining down from the D.C. helicopters. Here’s the first major article I’ve seen detailing the real world results.

As theWALL ST JOURNALop-ed below explains, restaurants are having a very difficult time running a bare bones take-out service. No one wants to work anymore. And under the current program, it will not be possible for a restaurant to open until 1 August.


We started making the calls last week, just as our furloughed employees began receiving weekly Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation checks of $600 under the Cares Act. When we asked ourRead More

Ray Haynes

Liberty v. The Arrogance of The Lazy Authoritarian

The COVID-19 situation has shown just how pervasive the presence of the Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian (which I will call “the ALA” from now on) has become in California government.

Let’s begin with the definition of the term:

Arrogant – the ALA is arrogant because he or she is absolutely convinced that only they know what is good for you and me. You can hear the arrogance in their voice and in the words they use, and in the attitude they portray to the public. Arrogance is an occupational hazard in politics, but the ALA puts that arrogance on constant display. He or she absolutely knows that he or she is smarter than you and me, and knows, much better than you do, how to run your life. He or she knows that if you were left to your own devices, you would make yourself sick, or purposefully act in such a way as to hurt other people, or spend your money on “nonessential” things. You are ignorant, or stupid, or a “rube” incapable of leading your own life without their control.

Lazy – the ALA is lazy, because the easiest solution for the ALA is to exercise government power. They don’t have to think… Read More

Richard Rider

Governments are still running 40+ year software AND hardware

Want to know why the federal stimulus checks will likely be unnecessarily delayed? Read the remarkable WALL ST JOURNAL article about how INCREDIBLY inept our government IT efforts have been for DECADES.

Not that we haven’t spent countless billions on our federal IT function. Indeed, the feds spend a breathtaking $88 BILLION a year on IT!

What did they do with the money? The rhetorical question is asked over and over in the article below.

Of course, state and local governments are too often just as behind the IT technology curve. California has squandered hundreds of millions on “new” systems that didn’t work right from the get-go.

The federal mismanagement is not always so funny: A much-needed Covid-19 antibody test developed in January that was under review by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. Dr. Makary noted, “And we lost precious time when one of the original scientists submitted an application and was told that he had to submit it also by paper mail with a CD-ROM with the files burned on it.” CD-ROM? They might as well have asked for applications on a deck ofRead More

Gina Nestande

Governor Newsom, It’s Time For Us To Get Back To Work

The French economist and philosopher Frederic Bastiat described the economic principle of a cost-benefit analysis in his 1850 essay entitled, “What Is Seen And What Is Unseen.”

The historian Amity Shlaes applies Bastiat’s principle to the public health response to the Coronavirus, “For every action we take such as shelter in place, there is the unseen person who loses their job, or maybe their business and their livelihood.”

Our community has put forth extraordinary efforts to flatten the curve but as we push down the curve, like a large balloon, a new curve is created. In this case it is an unemployment curve. And to flatten this curve with Shelter in Place mandates, we have come remarkably close to comprising our Constitutional rights as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights LIMITS what the government CAN DO, preserving liberty for the people.

The International Monetary Fund released its economic outlook and it should not come as a surprise to anyone that shutting down our twenty-two trillion-dollar economy will create the worst recession since the Great Depression if it prolongs much longer. Riverside County will likely see an… Read More

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