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Ray Haynes

Lazy Authoritarianism and Arrogance Lead to Ignoring Freedom

Contact tracing, remember that phrase. It is the solution to the current quarantine “shelter in place” orders. It is how we should have dealt with this “pandemic” from the beginning. We are told we have to stay home to protect each other, and that justifies the government imposing all sorts of crazy rules about who is “essential,” who gets paid to stay at home, and who has to shut down and starve while this “crisis” continues.

The current government imposed orders are the result of what I call lazy authoritarianism and arrogance. “Arrogance,” because the so-called experts claim they have the only solutions, and we should go along because they are smarter than the rest of us. “Lazy Authoritarianism” because other solutions would require the government to work harder to balance the public health with our personal and economic freedom, and who cares about our personal and economic freedom? Certainly not the “public health bureaucrats.” Their mantra: “Just do what you’re told and quit complaining.”

That is where contact tracing comes in. That is how we deal… Read More

Richard Rider

The public employee aristocracy profits from the coronavirus

During this coronavirus emergency, we frequently hear theclichéthat “we are all in this together.” No, we’re not.

Yes, we all risk catching the disease. Especially public and private first responders and medical workers.

But from a financial sacrifice standpoint, most public employees (not police and firefighters) can expect to actuallyprofitfrom this trying time, while most private employees will indeed suffer.

Theongoingadvantages that public employeesalreadyenjoy are numerous. Compared to most equivalent private sector jobs, public employees receive higher pay (especially government blue collar workers), MUCH more lucrative benefits (especially pensions), rock-solid job security, more vacation time, have little or no performance standards and retire at a younger age.

But now with the helicopter money raining down from DC, it’s gotten even better for the majority of public employees. Everyone in America will receive a one-time $1,200 federal check.This windfall scales down from 100% for incomes up to $75K to zero at $100K.

BTW, combined with the business subsidies and… Read More

Richard Rider

Boss Hogg from “Dukes of Hazzard” now runs Palm Springs

FLASH! Due to the coronavirus disaster, Palm Springs secretly hired the aged Boss Hogg from Hazzard County to refill the city coffers with loot.

This decadent desert city is heavily dependent on visitors for its tax revenue. With the plunge in city tax collections, Boss Hogg implemented a HUGE fine for violating any city diktat regarding the coronavirus. “Up to” $5,000 for the first offense. $10K and $25K maximums for the 2nd and 3rd offenses respectively.

But let’s not exaggerate the magnitude of this new city revenue source. The maximum fine won’t be levied on every law breaker.

Thanks to the Internet, a corrupt judge (all judges are totally dependent on government revenue) can run a quick credit check on the riffraff standing before him awaiting sentencing. The fine will be adjusted down to the maximum level the poor saps can pay — to avoid refilling the local jail after the county sheriff let most of the REAL criminals out because of the infection… Read More

Ray Haynes

Get The Principle Right on Vote By Mail and the Solution Takes Care of Itself

I think I have had enough of this “shelter in place” stuff. I practice social distancing as a way of life, I’m not a social guy. I know that sounds weird for a recovering politician, but it’s true. I not all that into hanging out with people on the natural. But, when the government orders me? My rebellious side kicks in, and I just want to shake everybody’s hand.

This whole virus thing could have been handled better. The problem is in New York and New Jersey. Infections per thousand (which is how the real impact of the disease should be measured), California has one of the lowest disease rates (25,000 cases out of 36 million people), .7 people/thousand (Compare with New York’s 10 people/thousand and New Jersey at 7 people/thousand). That isn’t because of the “shelter in place” order in California either. Texas, which does not have the order, has a lower infection rate per thousand (.5 people/thousand). So requiring us all to stay in place is absolutely unnecessary (except maybe in New York and New Jersey), and maximizes the economic harm we all must suffer from this incredibly bad government response to the… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Really, Can You Just Can It?

Warning: This column is highly partisan and intended to offend some offenders.

Since this country’s conversation switched from impeachment to coronavirus, some people think they are still back in the good old days. While people are dying from a highly-contagious disease and millions are thrown out of work to extinguish said virus, some folks just can’t control themselves. It was cute and quaint when everyone knew your efforts were going to fail and we had more jobs than we had people to fill them. The reality has changed and you need to get with it for the American people or just shut your mouths.

That doesn’t mean that our government is not above constructive criticism. I read it every day. There will be mistakes made and there will be mid-course corrections necessary, but your constant hectoring comments are despicable. The armchair quarterbacks with zero life experience constantly attacking the people attempting to accomplish something to save the lives and financial well-being of our fellow citizens is downright Un-American. As I tweeted out in the beginning, if you are an elected official there is really only one thing to say… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

I Want to Be at a Springsteen Concert

As we wallow away our days during the pandemic of 2020, we all find ways to keep our sanity and, for some of us, our ever-present ebullient spirit. I had an experience that directed my thoughts to what would really make me happy. I want to be at a Springsteen concert.

Knowing that not everyone is a lover of the “other” Bruce, please stick with me here. I guarantee it will be worth it.

I was watching a Netflix DVD entitled Blinded by the Light. I put it on my queue months ago; it finally rose to the top and shipped to my house. It is the relatively true story of a Pakistani young man in the 1980’s trying to find his way in a small town outside of London to adapt to the modern world. This was a world where his father wanted to drag him back to the old customs and few of the locals accepted him or his kind. This teenager then found Bruce.

He devotes a large amount of his time developing his writing skills and expanding his appreciation of how Springsteen speaks to him and his struggles. The rest of the story I will leave you to see for yourself, but it got me to thinking.

In these miserably… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Statement Regarding the CARES Act

Covid-19 didn’t kill our economy. Government policies, however well intentioned, did. In just a few weeks, they derailed the most prosperous and promising economy of our lifetimes and put us in imminent danger of permanently destroying millions of American jobs.

The CARES Act will much more than double the current deficit, which is already unprecedented and unsustainable. It threatens to destabilize the fiscal structure of our federal government, suppress future economic growth and create fiscal pressures that will take decades to unravel.

But in order to deal with the future problems this bill creates, we must first deal with the immediate crisis by arresting the damage caused by recent actions that have laid waste to our prosperity and plunged our nation into a sudden and deep recession.

The government has created a liquidity crisis for both employers and families. Employers’ revenues have plunged, giving them the Hobson’s choice of firing employees, selling assets in a fire sale or defaulting. Jobs temporarily lost will quickly become jobs permanently lost. They need ready access to capital, and the core of this bill does so. Families face a… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Are Red Flag Laws Dangerous?

Prelude: When I wrote this column I did not expect to have gun stores fighting to stay open especially in areas where public officials like to restrict gun owner rights. Who would have thought that pot shops would be deemed essential and gun shops not? At a time when public officials are releasing criminals so they can unload any concern for COVID-19 surrounding them, they restrict the rights of law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves and their families by acquiring a gun while the authorities pretend the police will protect all of us.

No one wants a crazy person to have a gun except for maybe the crazy person. People of all political persuasions agree on that point. Red flag laws have begun to spread throughout the states to keep guns out of the hands of unstable people. The question is whether they go too far and overshoot (no pun intended) their goal.

I have previously described the fact that anyone walking into a building, arena, mall or any other space for large group gatherings and starts shooting at strangers is the definition of a person that is severely mentally ill. With the increased frequency… Read More

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