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Richard Rider

Gov Perry takes flack for $40 million subsidy to get Toyota — NY Gov Cuomo gives a billion+ to a shaky start-up and likely will win praise from MSM

SUMMARY: Texas Governor Perry unwisely channeled $40 million of state aid to Toyota to move their HQ and 3,000 employees from California to Texas. New York Governor Cuomo just gave a solar company (a company with unproven technology that’s never netted a penny profit) over a billion dollars of taxpayer money. http://online.wsj.com/articles/elon-musk-scores-again-1411944767 Guess which governor the press castigated, and which one likely will be — if anything — praised by the MSM for his insightful expenditure of OPM. —————-

Periodically liberal pundits dump on Texas and its governor Rick Perry for “stealing” liberal states’ businesses with subsidies. While I agree with the fundamental complaint — I think government should not be in the business of subsidizing businesses, or picking winners and losers — it’s fun to look at the double standard of these myopic critics when… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Governor Signs Runner-Sponsored Bill to Help Disabled Veterans

Legislation I sponsored to protect California’s disabled veterans has become law. Senate Bill 1113, authored by Senator Steve Knight (R-Antelope Valley), passed the Legislature with unanimous, bipartisan support, and has been signed by Governor Brown.

This new law will help those who bravely served our country. Bureaucratic delays will never again rob veterans of the tax benefits that are rightfully theirs.

Under California law, veterans who receive a 100% disability rating from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may be eligible for a property tax exemption on the value of their home up to $124,932 or $187,399 in 2014 and equivalent amounts adjusted for inflation in future years. The exemption starts on the date of disability and disabled veterans may claim a refund for up to four years of back taxes paid.

Unfortunately, due to VA backlogs, some veterans have had to wait more than four years to receive their disability rating certifications. As a result, they’ve missed out on thousands of dollars in property tax refunds to which they were entitled and anticipated… Read More

Jon Coupal


Humorist Will Rogers observed, “This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.” If Rogers were a Californian today, he would say the same thing about the state Legislature.

Fortunately, for average citizens, the Legislature adjourned a few weeks ago so its ability to inflict more harm on taxpayers, property owners and businesses is on hold until the first of the year.

Lawmakers are no longer in Sacramento listening to high-powered lobbyists for special interests that back more taxes and spending. Most have returned to their home districts to beg for votes. They are likely to be attending local events and some will actually be walking in neighborhoods to convince voters they deserve to be returned to the Capitol. And, of… Read More

Katy Grimes

Mayor Kevin Johnson Uses Race To Boost Strong Mayor Initiative

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Sacramento Bee appear to be trying to gin up race issues in Sacramento in order to win a campaign.

Mayor Johnson had two big stories about him in Sundays’ Sacramento Bee. The front page, above-the-fold story, was about Johnson’s Measure L Strong Mayor initiative – his fourth attempt.

The front page of the Forum/Opinion section featured a half-page photo of Johnson, above an op-ed by the Mayor, who said he hopes the recent alleged police racial violence in Ferguson, MO doesn’t happen in Sacramento.

This was the ugliest, and most irresponsible yellow journalism, I’ve seen in a long time. And this was an attempt to distract from Mayor Johnson’s actual performance… Read More

Richard Rider

California’s 2014 sky-high electricity rates — it’s gotten even worse

SUMMATION: Based on my updated research, the highest residential cost electrical utility in the nation by FAR is SEMPRA — a.k.a. SDG&E. Second is Pacific Gas&Electric. Third? Southern CA Edison. And all three lead the pack by a LOT.

California’sindustrialelectricity rates are FAR higher comparedto other states — 85.4% higher than the national average as of July, 2014. That’s a much worst difference than our average residential rates compared to other states.

Still to come are the effects of California’s unique “cap and trade” tax, which could boost our costs another 30%. Barring some dramatic change in policy, the disparity between electricity costs in California vs. the otherh states will only grow.


While I’m not adding this detailedresidentialelectricity cost analysis to my“Breaking Bad: CA vs. the Other States”fact sheet (this electricity… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Further Proof the State Should Not be in the Building Business

Today, the State Auditor issued a report regarding the Board of Equalization’s headquarters building.

The Auditor’s report is a clear indictment of the state’s efforts so far in dealing with the Board of Equalization’s problem-plagued headquarters, which is literally falling apart.

It’s clear the Department of General Services has failed to effectively manage the state’s facilities. The State of California should not be in the building business!

More work is needed, and I look forward to seeing the auditor’s recommendations implemented as soon as possible.

I also look forward to the results of the state facility study required by AB 1656, which should enable us to come up with a long-term solution that makes sense for both California taxpayers and state workers.

Visit the California State Auditor’s website for a complete copy of the report.… Read More

Richard Rider

Departing businesses hide their reasons for leaving California — but here’s a refreshing exception

We critics of California’s anti-business, anti-wealth, pro-litigation mindset get upset that the businesses that CA governments drive out of our state will seldom tell WHY they are leaving. Well, they DO come up with numerous reasons in their press releases, but most are “positive” factors that make somewhere else a preferred choice — rather than detailing the NEGATIVE factors that drive them out of the Golden State. ONE thing’s for sure — they are not leaving for the better weather!

But look it it from the standpoint of departing business owners and management. There’s no profit in announcing the real reasons they are living. Two major considerations call for avoiding criticizing California:

1. California is a notoriously vindictive state — the many agencies sometimes come after critics of thestatus quo. Even after they leave the state. Remember, if such companies do ANY business in the state, they face potentially onerous tax and regulatory repercussions. Plus the vicious FTB can come after you by going back years in tax… Read More

Richard Rider

Updated “California Is Doomed” fact sheet now updated and online

My “California Is Doomed” fact sheet is updated and online, as well as available in Word file format for printing. Formally titled “Breaking Bad: California vs. the Other States,” this dreary, annotated compendium of comparisons is well worth reviewing — in small bites (I don’t want readers to “OD” on this depression-inducing plethora of facts). Many updates are included.

It’s an invaluable resource when discussing California’s shortcomings — which sadly are many more than the 35 or so I include. Every Republican candidate in the state should have this reference handy when dealing with issues. Consider giving it to your local yokels.

www.TinyURL.com/CA-vs-other-states Read More

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