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Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Guv’s swearing in this morning

All the excitement is building up this morning for the Governor’s inauguration starting at about 11AM over at the Memorial Auditorium.  We go into session at 9AM, for just a bit of housekeeping, mainly to distribute our tickets to the show today, before we get shuttled over to the festivities.  We will also adopt a set of Joint Rules of the Assembly and Senate, something that hasn’t been done formally for a decade I’m told.  The interaction between the 2 houses has been done under a less formal set of agreements.  Hopefully new rules will help us operate more efficiently and straight up, with less games and power struggles between the houses….OK, we can be optimistic, it’s still only 5 days into the new year, right?  "I’ll be back" with more on how the ceremonies and other stuff goes today.