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Mike Spence

No Tacos-No Peace: How Republicans Can Be Very Relevant in Sacramento.

Over the last couple weeks the usual tax and spend pundits questioned if Republicans were relevant in the recent budget debate. As usual they had the answer wrong. Not only were they relevant, they helped stimulate the economy.

Last week, my wife informed me that for a week in July, our family will be camping for a week a few miles from our home with other members of our church. We would sleep and eat at the camp site and people (like me) that needed to go to work could. Apparently pretending to be homeless for six days and five glorious nights in the summer heat near perfectly good showers, beds and air conditioning will bond us together spiritually. I am sure it will for the survivors. That said, I had orders to go get a new tent and an additional sleeping bag.

Knowing that Republicans had stood strong against Democrats trying to get a “bridge” tax increase extension, I waited until July 1. I bought the tent and sleeping bag and saved a total of $1.24 on the 1% reduction in sales tax that occurred at midnight June 30. In addition I bought the gear near work and not in Los Angeles County which saved me another $1.24 in sales tax. Los Angeles County is 1% higher than San Bernardino County. ( Note: Pico Rivera has their own sales tax that is 1% higher than the usual L.A. County rate, I never shop there)

Now liberal pundits may say big deal. I saved a whopping $1.24. Well, the guy who owns and the people that work at the near-by Jack in Box didn’t mind me getting two tacos and using the other $1.24, the balance and some loose change found on the bottom of floor board (two dimes needed because of taxes I might add) to get a soda.

That is called stimulating the economy. Thank you Republicans.

Now I hope there is Jack in a Box by the camp site?????

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One Response to “No Tacos-No Peace: How Republicans Can Be Very Relevant in Sacramento.”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Around your camp fire sing: Oh Wisconsin fight song….