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Shawn Steel

GOTV Swing State Update: Early Voting in Ohio

This Saturday, the action was right here at 30th and Euclid in downtown Cleveland.

Crowds were lined up at the Board of Elections despite gray skies and 40 degree weather, or what Californians might consider perfect ski weather. The weekend before Election Day, hundreds not thousands of voters were being processing

According to Dan Brownlee, a volunteer lawyer in charge of voting fraud in Cuyahoga County, there are far fewer early voters than in 2008. It appears that only the hard-core union members are showing up.

Dan expected far larger numbers of orders coming in and he’s happy because fewer voters means less work guarding against election fraud.

Inside the board of election,  people are directed into two long lines. The entire process takes at least 30 minutes. I imagine this scene is what voting must have been like during the early Soviet days.

Cleveland is a ragged tough city. Democrats have been stealing elections here for over 150 years.

This year the board of elections has two Republicans & Democrats “monitoring” the votes –an improvement.  Thankfully, there haven’t been any funny busloads of suspicious voters.

Unless Democrats greatly improve their turn out model tomorrow, Ohio looks promising.